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These are sites where I’ve contributed articles to and or where  I’ve been featured or interviewed concerning my writing and projects.

Writing (General):

AMA Feed

Read my first Ask Me Anything here.


So far I’ve answered mostly KPop questions, but I also interested in attempting to answer other types of questions as well.

Prolific Works formerly Instafreebie

You can view and claim free ebooks listed on my Prolific Works page.


You can view and claim free books (Tips are also accepted) listed on my NoiseTrade Author Page.


The Scribe

I was interviewed about poetry for my Alma mater Seminole State College in the school’s newspaper The Scribe (page 7) you can read the entire issue here.

Fellow author and poet eLPY interviewed me on her blog. You can read it here.

Smashwords. In which I interview myself.

Indie Author Spotlight.  I was featured on this blog last August when my first poetry book came out.


Cartoonists of Color 

I’m listed in this database.

Unicorn Files

I was featured on The Unicorn Files over on Tumblr, check it out here.

I was a guest blogger for the site and I wrote the following articles: I won’t back down: Representation Matters, and  “There’s More To Nerdom Than A Few White Guys.”

Saturday A.M.

I was interviewed in the latest issue (#6) of this cool site’s magazine. Check it out!

Women Write About Comics:

I was a guest contributor for the site and I wrote the following article: Why I’m Boycotting Spider-Man: Diversity is not a trend it’s a reality.

I participated in two online round tables:

Race and Gender  Part I

Race and Gender Part II

State of the DC Universe

Nicole Wander over at reviewed every single story from the Womanthology: Heroic anthology. She said some good things about my story Defect: Light To Enter The Darkness.

In February 2012 I entered the JEM DVD contest that BlackNerd had and I was one of the winners. I wrote a poem (it starts at 3:20) and Andre read it! The only bad thing was that I never received my copy of the second season of JEM.  Off and on my mail has been given to my neighbors or not sent to my address so I think someone took it. 😦  But Andre read my poem so that was awesome enough!  You can watch the video below:

Generation Geek spotlighted me for their Local Spotlight.

Womanthology Examiner Article:  I was featured and interviewed by Jessica Tarnate about the local Womanthology book signing that took place at my LCS Acme Superstore back in 2012.

Next also featured me.

I’m also on the Women In Comics Wiki page found here.

For Kehila Magazine:

Be’chol Lashon 2012. I interviewed MaNishtana for my magazine Kehila, however the interview also appears on Be’chol Lashon’s website.

The G-d Project 2011.  I was interviewed via YouTube.  I was really nervous! 2011. In January 2011, Jewcy’s Sharon Bruce wrote an article about Kehila. 2010. The first time that Kehila is mentioned! Sure it’s on the second page of the article, but it’s still awesome!

Works by the Author

Out of Print Works

Sites I’ve Been Featured On