One last con, that was Cooper Whitelaw’s plan…

A murder mystery that’ll leave you guessing till the final moment.

Genre: Action, Crime, Murder Mystery, Pulp, Suspense

After years of being haunted by what he calls ‘the chase’ Cooper Whitelaw, conman extraordinaire hatches one final con in Venice Beach, CA.  A con so big it’ll bring his life in the underworld to an end and grant him a new beginning.  No more lies, no more deception, and no more sorrow.

With his scheme well underway, things start to go awry when unexpected twists that Cooper didn’t plan for muddy the waters.  Determined to see his scheme to the end, Cooper rides the turbulent waves. But a murder turns the churning waters red with blood and places his plan in jeopardy.

Will Cooper Whitelaw live up to his name and get his new beginning or will the crimson waves of fate crash down and entomb him in the underworld forever?

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A Alternative Historical YA dealing with Social Issues.

Genre: Dystopian, Horror Multicultural, Paranormal, Young Adult

Sixteen-year-old Darcy Munroe enjoys books, music, fashion, and other aspects of pop culture. Unlike most teens, she doesn’t have the privilege of living a normal life due to being born an eidolon. Darcy lives in a world that not only hates and fears her, but is edging towards an apocalypse. When her human bully dies in a school-related incident, Darcy’s charged with their death. With her fate lying in the hands of a human jury, things become more complicated when her human step-dad Eric volunteers to represent her. They don’t trust each other and often butt heads over the human/eidolon conflict. Can Darcy and Eric settle their differences in time?

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The origins of this demi-goddess of the sea are revealed!

A mermaid fantasy sea adventure.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Mermaids, Nautical, Sea Adventure

Eight years ago, an incident during a group dive resigns noted oceanographer Dr. Viola E. Foy to a desk job. But an urgent call forces Dr. Foy to return to the ocean. She finds herself partnering with Dr. Devin Strucker-an estranged colleague who’s now the VP of the Future Underwater Colonization Agency (FUCA)-for an exciting sea expedition.
But Dr. Foy’s betrayed and forced to conduct a dangerous dive into the mysterious Black Hole of Andros Island. An accident occurs that alters Dr. Foy’s destiny and makes her a target for FUCA and the US Navy. And more trouble arrives in the form of FUCA’s mysterious CEO Wendell Normand Galloway who’s emerged from years of seclusion with plans that threaten to doom the world to a watery grave.
Can Dr. Foy harness her new abilities, avoid capture and save the world before it’s too late?

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My short story “Uirusu” was published in this anthology.  Read it here. 


Trilogy features the original Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess poetry series- College Days of Future Past, To Know and Love Thyself (Attack on Love), & Musings of a Blerd (Out of the Box). This book serves as the final opus for the series, as it features the poetic musings from the author inspired by their thoughts, feelings, reflections, and life experiences.


Acrostic is a new entry inspired by the thoughts, feelings, reflections, and life experiences of author T.C. Harrison.


The Gathering Anthologies


My three-page story  “The Forgotten Ones” was published in this anthology: As a result of the police bringing their search to a halt and having received very little coverage in the media, the family of a young woman who’s been missing for more than a month only hope of finding their relative alive lies in Tzedek an anti-heroine who’s dedicated to riding the Orlando area of human traffickers.  While taking down a trafficking ring she manages to find the young woman along with many other missing persons whose names have long been forgotten in the eyes and ears of the public.

All Women’s Two:

Some of the best female indie creators in comics come together (joined by Gail Simone)  for a second installment of our All Women Gathering anthology. Featuring the talents of Erica Heflin, Elena Andrews, Michelle Pugliese, Dakster Sullivan, Rebecca Angel, Alysha McKinney, Jenny Langin, Jenny Gorman, Tali Adina, Claire Connelly, Diana Martinez, Romina Santana, Anita Tung, Amanda Rachels, Kell Smith, Ann Jurack, Audrey Chan, Jolene Houser, Taty Silva, and Gail Simone.

My three-page story “Willehmina Kings of Thieves: Never a Dull Moment,” was published in this anthology. A thief steals an advanced computer program that has become self-aware and must try to stay one step ahead of the police and her deadly competitors.

Time Travel/Faith:

This special ‘flip book’ edition of The Gathering features 2 themes in one book. One one side, tales of Time Travel. On the other, tales of Faith.

My four-page story “The Musical Mechanism” was published in this anthology.

Womanthology Anthologies


Womanthology is a large-scale anthology showcasing the works of women in comics. It is created entirely by over 140 women of all experience levels, from young girls who love to create comics all the way up to top industry professionals. All of the short stories will center around the theme for this volume — Heroic. There will also be features, such as Professional How-To’s, a Kids/Teens section showcasing their works and giving tips, as well as a section dedicated to some Iconic female comic creators of the past, such as Nell Brinkley, and much more.

Profits of this book will go towards the Charities of

My four-page story, ‘Defect: Light to Combat the Darkness,” was published in the anthology and a page of the script was published in the sketchbook.

You can purchase it on Amazon.

Holiday PDF:

My one-page story “Don’t Let the Light Go Out,” was published in this Holiday PDF which was specifically made for backers of the Womanthology: Heroic anthology Kickstarter.

Valentine’s Day PDF: 

My one-page story honoring my late grandmother,  ‘June’ was published in this Valentine’s Day special.

For a more comprehensive list of all of my works that are currently in print and those that are out of print please visit – Books in the Right Order and check out the list of books.

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