Beaded, Resin, and Charm Earrings Crafted by T.C. Harrison.

Which do you fancy?

Whether you like resin or beaded earrings, there is a colorful handmade creation waiting for you to chose it.

In addition the charm earrings are also standouts with their vibrant colors and shapes. There’s skateboards, and legos. And if you consider yourself a moonie, well there’s something for you here as well.

Each earring is priced at $4.50 + S&H

Shipping & Handling:

*One shipping fee per order. If order consist of more than one item the shipping fee will be adjusted accordingly.*

U.S. $5.00

International: $10.00

Paypal only accepted.

*In the note section, please write the item(s) that you’re purchasing.*

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