Cover Reveal: Cooper Whitelaw, Conman Extraordinaire A Crime/Mystery Novella

Today I’m pleased to present to you the cover of my first mystery/crime novella, Cooper Whitelaw, Conman Extraordinaire

What follows are the cover and synopsis below.


After years of being haunted by what he calls ‘the chase’ Cooper Whitelaw, conman extraordinaire hatches one final con in Venice Beach, CA.  A con so big it’ll bring his life in the underworld to an end and grant him a new beginning.  No more lies, no more deception, and no more sorrow.

With his scheme well underway, things start to go awry when unexpected twists that Cooper didn’t plan for muddy the waters.  Determined to see his scheme to the end, Cooper rides the turbulent waves. But a murder turns the churning waters red with blood and places his plan in jeopardy.

Will Cooper Whitelaw live up to his name and get his new beginning or will the crimson waves of fate crash down and entomb him in the underworld forever?

This year I had the goal of writing and self-publishing three books. Back in April I released two poetry books and then suffered a period of writer’s block.  While I had plenty of ideas that I worked on nothing came to fruition at during this time. With no end of my foe in sight I decided to take a break. For my sabbatical, I enjoyed leisure reading and also listened to a number of classic radio dramas. It was during this period that the idea which became my first crime mystery came to me.

With the story completed I’ve accomplished my writing goal for the year and I’m looking forward to continuing the other ideas that I worked on (sequel to Orniainthi a prequel of sorts for I, Darcy and much more) and hope to publish them in the future.  Cooper Whitelaw, Conman Extraordinaire will be available by the end of this year.

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Thank you for your support!

Arriving This April: Acrostic & Thirty Days of Expressive Imagination

Happy Wednesday folks!

I’ve returned from my spring break refreshed, and I hope that your spring break is or was a good one for you. Today I have an announcement. April’s National Poetry Month and I’ve got two poetry books being released! First up is the start of a new series for me titled Acrostic.


This book is my first attempt at writing acrostic poems and you’ve got a couple of KPop groups to thank for that. With their many attempts of doing acrostic poetry, I became curious and gave it a try.  It was a fun experience and I hope to write a second entry. Acrostic will be available in print and ebook formats. Add it to your GoodReads Shelf.

My second book Thirty Days of Expressive Imagination, is a print collection of my NaPoWriMo ebooks that I’ve written from 2014-2017. This year I won’t participate in NaPoWriMo so this book will take the place of the poems that I would usually write.  Thirty Days of Expressive Imagination will only be available in print. Add it to your GoodReads Shelf. 

Both books will be available on Createspace, Amazon, & Barnes and Noble. Acrostic will be available on Smashwords.

These two books get me 2/3’s of the way to my goal of publishing three books for the year. Currently I’m taking a break from writing but I hope to return to it in order to achieve my goal.

Review: Kyoko M.’s Of Cinder & Bone

My apologies for the late review, but life has kept me busy these past few months.

I won a copy of the novel via the author’s GoodReads giveaway


The novel’s a great read, it has everything a reader can ask for in a sci-fi/fantasy book.

I applaud the author’s characters who are not only well-developed characters but are diverse and inclusive. It was great to see that one of the main characters is a WOC AND she’s not the only WOC present. Back ground characters are also not one dimensional and also given something to do which is a plus.

The thing that appealed to me the most was how much research the author did in their approach to bringing a dragon to life. The method used in the story has a realistic feel which piqued my curiosity.  Of Cinder & Bone also brought a sense of awe and wonderment, almost like the first time I watched Jurassic Park on the big screen.

The story features action, tension, drama, and comedy and goes at a decent pace. But I expect that from this author. It’s risky to end a novel with a cliffhanger, but the move pays off because I want to know what happens next.  Plus, it makes the book stand out in a good way.

Overall, Of Cinder & Bone is an excellent story. I look forward to the sequel.


My buisness cards are here!

Last night my business cards arrived from Vistaprint in the mail and I’m so excited! Take a look at the front and back of the card:

business cards

The front features my novella Orniainthi (available now), my horror short story/flash fiction collection A Visit From the Soul Eater, and my upcoming YA paranormal novel I, Darcy (arriving this October).  The back features a short bio and contact info. I love it.

Vistaprint just started a monthly promobox subscription and you can order your first box for free! Once I receive that in the mail, I’ll write up a review so stay tuned.

Join the challenge: Write 30 Poems in 30 Days with NaPoWriMo

National Poetry Month has begun and that means NaPoWriMo has also arrived. Similar to NaNoWriMo, the challenge is to write one poem a day for 30 days in the month of April.

To learn more, head over to the NaPoWriMo site.

I’ve got to catch up with writing poems, and I may post a few on here. In addition, my previous NaPoWriMo entries were collected in three ebooks and they’re available for free download on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble year round so get your copies.

Writers: After completing a project, do you ever feel restless?

Recently I’ve completed writing my first novella Orniainthi (ebook now available, print arriving the week of March 6th-10th), and right now I’m feeling restless.

Right now I’m working on marketing and promotion for the novella, and I’ll start finishing editing my novel I, Darcy (out this October) in August.  The problem is I don’t know what to write next. Granted there are a couple of ideas/projects that I want to work on but I can’t seem to focus.  ezmagif

So my question to my fellow writers, after completing aproject, do you ever feel restless, and if so what do you do to combat the feeling?

Last week I immersed myself in researching my ancestry, which was interesting to say the least. But now I want to start working on another story.  There are three tugging at me.


There’s the sequel to Orniainthi, I have an idea of what’s going to happen next but I’m still not sure if I want to start on that right now.  Then there’s my space story Necrocalia-originally a comic idea that didn’t go as planned-but I feel so overwhelmed with all of the story building, etc. that I’ve created for it.  Finally there’s my story Ategar-also originally a comic idea-I’ve got it all outlined, but not sure if I want to commit.


So you see this isn’t a case of writer’s block or maybe it is? I feel as if I ought to start on another project but at the same time I don’t want to rush into it. So my fellow writers, I’ve reached out to you.

What should I do?


Official Cover Reveal: I, Darcy

After a lot of false starts, my first novel I, Darcy finally has an official cover. Here it is below:


And here are the official teaser and blurb:


A sixteen year old eidolon girl’s charged in the death of her human bully. Her human step-father volunteers to represent her but they distrust each other. Can they reconcile in time to win the case?


“Society believes I’m disposable. To them I Darcy Mary Elizabeth Munroe am the monster that they’ve seen on TV shows, books, and films brought to life.”

Sixteen-year-old Darcy Munroe enjoys books, music, fashion, and other aspects of pop culture. Unlike most teens, she doesn’t have the privilege of living a normal life due to being born an eidolon. Darcy lives in a world that not only hates and fears her, but is edging towards an apocalypse.

When her human bully dies in a school-related incident, Darcy’s charged with their death. With her fate lying in the hands of a human jury, things become more complicated when her human step-dad Eric volunteers to represent her. They don’t trust each other and often butt heads over the human/eidolon conflict. Can Darcy and Eric settle their differences in time?

I’m still in the midst of the editing process, but I hope to have I, Darcy out by the end of this year or early next year.  So stay tuned and let me know your thoughts on the cover, teaser and blurb.