Cover Reveal: Cooper Whitelaw, Conman Extraordinaire A Crime/Mystery Novella

Today I’m pleased to present to you the cover of my first mystery/crime novella, Cooper Whitelaw, Conman Extraordinaire

What follows are the cover and synopsis below.


After years of being haunted by what he calls ‘the chase’ Cooper Whitelaw, conman extraordinaire hatches one final con in Venice Beach, CA.  A con so big it’ll bring his life in the underworld to an end and grant him a new beginning.  No more lies, no more deception, and no more sorrow.

With his scheme well underway, things start to go awry when unexpected twists that Cooper didn’t plan for muddy the waters.  Determined to see his scheme to the end, Cooper rides the turbulent waves. But a murder turns the churning waters red with blood and places his plan in jeopardy.

Will Cooper Whitelaw live up to his name and get his new beginning or will the crimson waves of fate crash down and entomb him in the underworld forever?

This year I had the goal of writing and self-publishing three books. Back in April I released two poetry books and then suffered a period of writer’s block.  While I had plenty of ideas that I worked on nothing came to fruition at during this time. With no end of my foe in sight I decided to take a break. For my sabbatical, I enjoyed leisure reading and also listened to a number of classic radio dramas. It was during this period that the idea which became my first crime mystery came to me.

With the story completed I’ve accomplished my writing goal for the year and I’m looking forward to continuing the other ideas that I worked on (sequel to Orniainthi a prequel of sorts for I, Darcy and much more) and hope to publish them in the future.  Cooper Whitelaw, Conman Extraordinaire will be available by the end of this year.

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