Book Review: The Dark Mermaid by Christina L. Barr

*I received an ARC of the novel*

An intriguing twist on the tale of The Little Mermaid, author Christina L. Barr’s The Dark Mermaid delivers.

The setting of the story begins underwater and moves to land towards the latter part of the book. No matter the setting, the plot moves forward and keeps readers guessing till the end. While the book starts off strong its the latter half of the novel which is a bit weak in execution.

Though the story’s mostly dark, bits of light seep into the story. Readers will find the main character and the supporting cast relatable in various ways. The themes of loss and choosing to follow a path of darkness or light are emphasized throughout the story. Unlike the tale it’s based on, there’s no happy ending waiting at the end of the novel for the characters. The ending’s bittersweet forecasting dark days ahead while still clenching on to the little hope that remains.

Overall, The Dark Mermaid is an excellent novel and will keep readers invested not only till the book’s ending but also for future sequels that are to come.