Celebrate Chanukah With This Playlist

Happy Hanukkah everyone! As we’re ending day 2 of the holiday and begin day 3 tonight, here are some tunes to help you celebrate the Festival of Lights.https://open.spotify.com/embed/user/qui_scribit_domina/playlist/5HwQnyhTnkNNrwhf0M2Pmw

Enjoy and have a wonderful and festive Chanukah!



KPop Minute: Salanghae Vol. 1 Playlist (VDay 2018 KPop Edition)

*KPop Minute is a new column on my site in which I feature a post on something related to KPop. I’m new to the KPop scene (got interested back in May 2017) and so I’m sharing my journey with my followers. Enjoy!*

Happy Valentines Day! Here’s a list of 16 KPop songs for you to enjoy! There are two songs each from KPop groups & artists that I’ve gotten into so far. GOT7 isn’t on here because their music isn’t on Spotify for some reason. 😦 Whether you’re in relationship or you’re single like me I hope you enjoy the music!



I Love Myself Vol. 1 (VDay 2018 Healing Time Playlist)

Self-care is important everyday of the year. Take some time to love yourself with this VDay playlist of self-care/healing time songs that I made on Spotify. Happy Valentines Day!