Let’s Talk Shall We?

Hey everyone, something’s been on my mind for a bit so…

Yesterday a post about an upcoming giveaway posted and I need to share an update on it.

I’ve never had any problems in regard to being a part of a group giveaway on Prolific Works until the most recent one.

I was sent an email on June 28th notifying me that my books had been removed from the A Different World: Protagonists of Color giveaway. Confused I asked the organizer in the comments section on the Group Giveaway details page.  I was told that I hadn’t promoted which wasn’t true because I had and I shared this information on the comments page. The response I received was a passive aggressive one that was directed to everyone which basically stated that if one didn’t promote during the promotion they would be permanently banned from all upcoming giveaways. This past week the organizer mentioned this again and another person commented that they had let time slip away from them and they would promote to which the organizer stated something along the lines that “The proof is in the pudding.” in regards to promoting.

Now these comments have been erased from the comment section by the organizer and I didn’t think to screenshot them at the time. However,  I do have screenshots of my promotion activities (I also have one last promo scheduled later today):

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I’m not sure why the organizer acted this way, perhaps it was in response to the low numbers of downloads for each book in the giveaway. Also this what the organizer of each giveaway can see for the promotions that they do:

But even with this how can they tell who promoted and haven’t?

I don’t want to cause any trouble but I’m upset that I’ve been accused of not promoting when I have been.  I don’t have a huge following and I do my best promoting on here, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and my mailchimp.  So while I highly disagree with the organizer’s actions and my books have been removed from the giveaway, I want to encourage you to download the ebooks featured in the giveaway.

Please remember to leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes and Noble once you’re finished reading.  The number of reviews a book receives affects its visibility on these sites, so if you want to support authors please leave a review! They appreciate it.

It’ll be a while before I do giveaways again. I don’t appreciate anyone falsely accusing me when I have proof that I’ve promoted.  Thank you for downloading my books and giving them reviews.

Until next time!



March ebook Giveaway: Crime Fitted For March

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope all is well with you and your household. If not I send you best wishes and many blessings. Things are a bit stressful for me. As I’ve stated in my last post, I’m taking a break from writing as I work on further things in other areas.  So far it’s going okay I’m still adjusting and I’m both stressed and excited. But that’s not what I’ve come to talk to you about today!

Last year I published my first crime novella Cooper Whitelaw, Conman Extraordinaire and for the entire month of March it’s part of a giveaway on Prolific Works (formerly known as Instafreebie) titled Crime Fitted For March. You can get your free ebook copy here. 

After years of being haunted by what he calls ‘the chase’ Cooper Whitelaw, conman extraordinaire hatches one final con in Venice Beach, CA.  A con so big it’ll bring his life in the underworld to an end and grant him a new beginning.  No more lies, no more deception, and no more sorrow.

With his scheme well underway, things start to go awry when unexpected twists that Cooper didn’t plan for muddy the waters.  Determined to see his scheme to the end, Cooper rides the turbulent waves. But a murder turns the churning waters red with blood and places his plan in jeopardy.

Will Cooper Whitelaw live up to his name and get his new beginning or will the crimson waves of fate crash down and entomb him in the underworld forever?

Genre: Murder Mystery/Crime/Detective

Available on AmazonB&N, and Smashwords. Add it to your Goodreads Shelf.

Please make sure to leave a review on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, or Goodreads. So many of you have downloaded free copies of my work but I don’t have any reviews to show for it! Please leave a review and tell me what you think. Reviews are vital for authors to get the word out for their work.

Finally, the only book that I’ve published for the year is a trilogy compilation for my The Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess series. This is the final and only version available of the series from here on out.

Now available on Amazon, and B&N. Add it to your GoodReads Shelf.

That’s all for now. Be well!


Crusaders: A Young-Adult Horror, Fantasy, and Science-Fiction Giveaway Starts Today!

Two days till Christmas and times winding down on finding gifts for yourself and your loved ones.  Don’t worry I’ve got you covered!  How about a group of free ebooks featuring amazing characters trying to make the world a better place? It’s all here in the Crusaders: A Young-Adult Horror, Fantasy, and Science-Fiction Giveaway!  

You can download free ebook novels in the horror, science-fiction, or fantasy genres beginning today December 23rd until next year January 31st, 2019. My YA novel I, Darcy is featured in this giveaway.  Remember, once you’ve read a book or books please give the gift of leaving a review. Reviews help authors market their book and gain more readers.

The Conman Extraordinaire ebook Giveaway

At the beginning of November I self-published my first murder mystery crime novella Cooper Whitelaw, Conman Extraordinaire. To celebrate I’m giving away ebook copies of my book on Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie).  The giveaway will start today November 13th and end Friday, November 30th.

So enjoy! Do tell a friend or two and once you’ve finished reading my book, please leave a review on AmazonB&N,  or Goodreads .

Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!