Now Published: Uirusu in The Sirens Call eZine August 2014 Issue #16 Apocalyptic Fiction


Good Midnight folks!

Life has been very busy and hectic. My mom’s been in the hospital since last Saturday night, hopefully she’ll come home tomorrow.

I haven’t written much in these last few weeks, however I do have some good news to share with you! A short story of mine has been published amongst a group of awesome literary submissions in The Sirens Call eZine August 2014 Issue #16 Apocalyptic Fiction! You can download it for free here,

Titled Uirusu, the story reveals the origins of a mysterious virus that has ravaged the world. It begins on page 76 of the eZine. Thanks to Sirens Call Publications for publishing my story. They always have submission openings for their publication so check them out and submit! Also check out their blog right here on WordPress.

I will give you a hint about this story: it’s related to my novel I, Darcy: Evolution! Speaking of my novel, as you know I finished writing it a couple of months back. Currently, I’m in the editing phase and I hope to have it published in the near future. Whether through a publishing house big or small, or me self-publishing it, I, Darcy: Evolution will be published (I’m also gathering my notes for the sequel to the novel I, Darcy: Revolution)!

That’s all in the writing news front. I hope to get back to writing new entries for Musings of a Blerd soon.  Alright until next time!