Horror On The Radio: The Sub Basement (Going Down) and Murder Castle

Tales of horror come in various media formats and one that has kept fans up at night are radio dramas.  For Halloween Month, I’ll share some of my favorite horror/mystery/thriller stories from classic radio dramas. 

Welcome back ghastly followers, did you enjoy last week’s stories?  Don’t worry I’ve got two new tales that’ll intrigue and frighten! First up it’s another episode from Lights Out!

This episode’s titled The Sub Basement (Going Down), and it first aired on August 24, 1943. Here’s the synopsis and episode: Something horrific occurs when a couple become stuck in their office building basement.

If you survived hearing this tale you’ll need to take extra precautions for this next one!  Another Lights Out! episode, this tale is titled Murder Castle and it aired on  February 16th, 1938. It’s based on the true story of H. H. Holmes — the mass murderer who haunted Chicago during the time of the 1893 world’s fair.

As for the synopsis, all I’ll give you is the following: The story opens with a young woman who’s been picked up by police.  She’s muttering the word “revenge” over and over and over again and the police are baffled as to what could have happened to her.

Listen to the story here.

Enjoy and remember, Lights Out… everyone.