5 Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio Flims

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors.  I was first introduced to him on the TV show Growing Pains where he played Luke Brower, but I became a huge fan after watching his performances on film. Today marks the actor’s 44th birthday so in honor of his birthd, here are five of my favoriteContinue reading “5 Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio Flims”

Gif Guess: Halloween Month Edition

We’re counting down  the days till Halloween. As the celebration continues here’s a new entry for my blog that I called Gif Guess.  Can you guess the following 31 horror/scif-fi/fantasy/gothic films by their gifs? Take a whack at it!      

Horrific Listen: Wondery’s Inside Series

You’ve seen the movies, now hear the stories of how these terrifying tales came to life on the big screen and the real horrific stories that influence them.  Introducing Wondery’s Inside Series! With only three entries in the series so far, these podcast episodes are first person tales that’ll leave listeners intrigued, terrified and justContinue reading “Horrific Listen: Wondery’s Inside Series”

Welcome to L.A.: 7 Films Highlighting The City of Angels

Los Angeles’ heart and soul can be seen in the many films set in the city. Here are 7 favorite films that showcase the various, diverse aspects of the City of Angels. 1. Drive (2011) One of my favorite Ryan Gosling films, this movie showcases the city at night with Gosling at the helm cruisingContinue reading “Welcome to L.A.: 7 Films Highlighting The City of Angels”

Happy Birthday Chris Pine! 8 Fun Facts About the Actor

Today marks Chris Pine’s 38th birthday. To celebrate here are 8 fun facts about the actor. 1. Legacy Pine comes from a family of actors. His maternal grandmother Anne Gwynne was one of the first horror, scream queens and was also a favorite pin-up model amongst the soldiers. His father Robert played Sgt. Joseph GetraerContinue reading “Happy Birthday Chris Pine! 8 Fun Facts About the Actor”

An Empire State of Mind: 8 Films That Show the Big Apple Love

Today, I’m showing the East Coast some love and giving you eight films that highlight the Big Apple. 1. West Side Story (1961) A classic take on Romeo and Juliet, this film captures the energy and vibrancy of the city with its multiple dance numbers and songs. It also gives viewers an insight into theContinue reading “An Empire State of Mind: 8 Films That Show the Big Apple Love”

7 Favorite Cult Classics

They’re either so bad it’s good; filled with nostalgia; a beloved B-movie; guilty pleasures; or a combination of all of these descriptions. Cult classics have a special place in every movie fan’s heart. They’ve been around since the early days of cinema, and show no signs of stopping – thank goodness. Here are seven ofContinue reading “7 Favorite Cult Classics”