May the 4th Be With You! A listing of all of my Star Wars themed posts


It’s May 4th and that means it’s time to celebrate that galaxy far, far away.  I was having trouble coming up with a new post in regards to Star Wars, I thought why not share with you all of my Star Wars related posts that I’ve done.  So here’s the list:

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May the Fourth Be With You! 8 Things You Can Do For Star Wars Day

Happy reading and May the fourth be with you!



May the Fourth Be With You! 8 Things You Can Do For Star Wars Day

May 4th is quickly approaching and that means Star Wars Day will be upon us!  In honor of this special day where we take time to celebrate a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I have created a list of 8 things you can do to have fun on Star Wars Day.

1. Get into the mood and wear Star Wars Apparel

There are many clothing and accessories dedicated to the Star Wars franchise. For instance these cool dresses from Her Universe which can also be found at Hot Topic.

Me in my Darth Vader dress equipped with my mask and light saber.

2. Watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars

starwars clone wars

All six seasons of the awesome show are now streaming on Netflix. I wrote two articles (here and here) about the series that you’ll definitely want to read.


3. Read a Star Wars Book, Comic, or both!

star wars books   starwarscomics

With the announcement of the expanded universe no longer being canon, fans can take heart that the many books and comics occurring in between the films and after will still be available in print form.


4.  Check out the Rebel Alliance, 501st, and R2 Builders in your area and join!

Each of these groups are made up of volunteers who enjoy the franchise and they convene at events, cons, and comic book shops that ask them to attend. Many of these folks are friendly and helpful so go and say hello.

My sis and I
Me and my sis. She’s the Magma Stormtrooper.

evilcon1    Star Wars Night








5.  Watch the movies

star wars

This is just a no brainier. P.S. I would watch episodes 4-6 first (or just watch them and pretend that the first three didn’t happened LOL). And remember Han Solo fired first!


6. Watch Star Wars related documentaries, fan films, and YouTube parodies.

There are two Star Wars documentaries that I know of (if you know more list them in the comment section) and both I believe are still streaming on Netflix. They are:

The People vs. George Lucas

 Jedi Junkies

jedi junkies     220px-The_People_vs._George_Lucas

In addition there are fan films and YouTube parodies which you can enjoy. Here are few of my favorites:

The Star Wars parody Spaceballs

The YouTube series Chad Vader

Stormtrooper Twerk

Stormtrooper 911

 Troops-A Star Wars Fan Film


7. Eat, make Star Wars food and drink recipes

Eating is a big part of a celebration and here are few links to help you feast on Star Wars day:

Via The Mary Sue: Star Wars Themed food

Star Wars Cookbook

justJENN recipes


8. Do Star Wars related arts and crafts.

It’s always fun to make things and it’s even more fun to make Star Wars related crafts. You can visit to get ideas.  Also Bonnie Burton has written a Star Wars Craft Book which has a lot of great ideas.

And that my friends is my list. I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Fourth Be With You!