29 Days of Black Love In Film Part 1

I originally posted this over at my pop culture blog Uncanny Pop last year. In honor of Black History Month and Valentines Day, here’s a list of 29 black films all about love (click here to see part 2). The films are in order by the year that they were released. 1. Paris Blues (1961)Continue reading “29 Days of Black Love In Film Part 1”

Book Review: That Which Lives Within

That Which Lives Within is a full-length poetry collection by first time author eLPY that it is beautifully written. The 189 page collection features not only poetry, but also poepics, and poetry-infused pictures. Throughout, the author’s myriad of experiences and emotions are displayed in every poem. The topics of death and loss are touched uponContinue reading “Book Review: That Which Lives Within”