Review: Bingo Love

Bingo Love

Written & Created by: Tee Franklin

Art by: Jenn St-Onge

Colors by: Joy San

Letters b: Cardinal Rae

Edited by: Erica Schultz

Cover by: Gisele Lagace

Logo by: Kevin Maher

*I backed this twice (one for me and one for my sis) on Kickstarter and just finished reading the PDF.*

When I first heard about this graphic novel on Twitter I knew that I wanted to get a copy. First of all the artwork caught my eye. Secondly the premise sounded great and intriguing. And finally because bingo is part of my childhood I played it first at church and then later on as a young adult at synagogue.

The writing is awesome. Ms. Franklin does an excellent job expressing the emotions and feelings of each character. After reading I know for certain that the characters in this book are just as real as anyone that I would meet in real life. Not only that, the author does and exceptional job of capturing the journey of Hazel and Mari’s quest for true love. As you read you feel the pain, anger, sadness and joy of the story.

The artwork is phenomenal and showcases the diverse and inclusive characters. So many black hairstyles, body types, ages, and skin colors! It put a smile on my face to see all of that showcased in this book.

What a beautiful book!

This is what I want to see and read about in comics. Bingo Love is an example of what-as Ms. Franklin has mentioned many times-seasoned comics looks like. I’m looking forward to more stories revolving around Hazel, Mari and their family and friends.


Preorder on Amazon or at your LCS code: DEC170648


Review: Future Primitive


Writer: Kevin Gunstone
Artist: Slobodan Jovanovic
Format: 100 pages Full Colour


On an Earth transformed by supernova radiation, Kulkan, last warrior king of the mutant Neanderthal “Skybearers”, faces devastation at the hands of the rampaging Australopith “Moon Clan”. A lunar apparition has fuelled the Clanês bloodlust, but the scientifically advanced Skybearers realize they are witnessing the first sign of the mutating supernovaês resultant shockwave – a devastating force_set to obliterate the world it once transformed. Set in an age outside of time, FUTURE PRIMITIVE is a spectacular, dynamic, and hallucinatory stonepunk adventure that follows Kulkan as he battles for the survival of his civilization and to preserve their “Memory of Being” – the sacred cave images relaying Skybearer history and myths – and in which he will find a clue.


I was intrigued by Future Primitive’s premise and the story did not disappoint.

The plot is one that I have yet to read before and I love the originality of it. The pacing of the story is well balanced and each scene moves to the next with great fluidity. The artwork is spectacular and captures the brutality, hallucinogenic visions, and noble endeavors of all the characters involved. While reading I was very immersed in the story and as I read it on my Kindle, I noticed the colorist’s excellent work.  Whether the colors where vibrant, dark, etc. they all shone through and helped set the tone of each scene.

Future Primitive is an awesome original story that takes our primitive ancestors and gives them a futuristic twist.


Purchase here.

Happy 75th Batman!

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight’s existence fighting crime on the streets, sewers, airways, buildings, mansions, bat cave, prison, mental institutions, and more in Gotham City and beyond.  Last year was Superman’s 75th  and thanks in part to the Man of Steel film being released and DC Comics and Random House teaming up to help libraries who wanted to participate in hosting a Superman Day at the Library and I-with the help of my fellow co-workers-had a wonderful opportunity to propose, initiate, and participate in a Superman Day at the library at my job. Though there isn’t a film being released this year (you’ll have to wait till next year for the untitled Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman film), there are still many cool things to celebrate about our beloved Bat.

DC Comics will release today the 2014 version of Detective Comics #24, which will re-imagine Batman’s very first adventure from 1939, “The Case of the Criminal Syndicate”. You can read more about that here. In addition, a weekly comic book titled Batman Eternal, written by Scott Snyder and others with art by Jason Fabok, begins its run today so go pick that up! Scott Synder’s doing a kick-ass job writing the main DC Comics Batman title and with artist Greg Capullo on the book, it can’t fail.

If you want to reminisce about Batman’s past adventures, there are plenty of great books, movies, and cartoons, that you can dive into. Here are a couple of favorites of mine in no particular order:

Batman: The Animated Series


This is the first animated series of Batman that I ever watched. I grew up in the 90’s and I remember coming home after school and watching this show. It was one of the things that got me into comics and the geek/nerd world as well as introduce me to the characters of the DC Universe. It’s a wonderful and amazing series.  Favorite episodes of  mine are: “Christmas With the Joker”, “Heart of Ice”, “Joker’s Favor”, “Appointment in Crime Alley”, The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy”, “The Laughing Fish”, “If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?”, “The Man Who Killed Batman”, “Harley and Ivy”, “Trial”, “Harley’s Holiday”, “Batgirl Returns”, “Holiday Knights”, “Joker’s Millions”, “The Demon Within”, “Legends of the Dark Knight”,  “Girls’ Night Out”, “Mad Love”, and “Beware the Creeper”.


250px-KillingjokeThe Killing Joke

One of the first Batman graphic novels that I’ve read. It’s written by Alan Moore with art by Brian Bolland, lettering by Richard Starkings with coloring done by John Higgins (original version) and Brian Bolland (deluxe version).The book explores the possibility that Batman is just as insane as the criminals he faces, but he displays his insanity in a different way. Batman uses his for good while the Joker uses his insanity to cause chaos. Basically the Joker and Batman are mirror images of each other.


The Dark Knight Trilogy

Director Christopher Nolan did an awesome job of reintroducing audiences to Gotham’s Dark Knight in movie theaters everywhere.  After suffering a disappointing and horrid meltdown via the Joel Schumacher films it was great to see Bats coming back to life and Christian Bale did him justice. Out of the three The Dark Knight is my favorite with Batman Begins in second and The Dark Knight Rises in a solid third place.

Batman vs. Predator

The predator is one of my favorite movie characters and it was pretty cool to see Batman facing this member of an alien race who travels the galaxy hunting other aggressive species for sport.  There are total of three books which tell the story.  It’s definitely worth checking out.



If Batman has go up against Predators well then why not aliens? And that’s exactly what happens in this graphic novel.  There’s a sequel which was published in 2003 which you might also enjoy.

Batman Beyond


The Dark Knight is back kicking butt in the Gotham City of the future. Bruce Wayne however isn’t donning the cape and cowl this time. A teenager by the name of Terry McGinnis puts on the new bat suit and goes to work cleaning up Gotham. Though Wayne isn’t the hero that Gotham needs at that time, he’s the mentor that they deserve as he assists Terry through his crime fighting adventures.

The Batman

Compared to Batman the Animated Series, this show definitely comes in second place. However, the creators didn’t set out to make this show follow in the footsteps of its predecessor and it’s still does a great job in its own right. It was new spin on the character and shows a younger Bruce Wayne in his early adventures as the Bat. It reintroduces villains, sidekicks, and other superhero characters as well as give viewers new ones to become attached to.

Batman & Batman Returns

220px-Batman_returns_poster2I loved Tim Burton’s films. They were a great take on our caped crusader and who didn’t love the villains? I mean Jack Nicholson as the Joker? Danny DeVito as the Penguin? And Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman? Do I really need to say more?

The Dark Knight Returns (Part 1 and Part 2)

The animated version of Frank Miller’s comic is definitely a must watch. A 55 year old Bruce Wayne returns with cape and cowl, a Bat tank, and a new Robin to cleanse the streets of a Gotham City of the future and defeat enemies old and and new. I also suggest reading the comic. You won’t regret it!

Batman the 60’s TV Show

I remember watching reruns of the show as a kid and it was one of my first introductions to Batman.  Yeah it was cheesy, and yes Robin’s “Holy____ Batman!” could be downright just “Really?” but it was an enjoyable show. It’s a cult classic and the reruns continue on today. I mean who doesn’t love the theme song?

Think this is a short list and I’m missing a lot more? Of course I am! There are many comics and films that you ought to check out, I just gave you a few to wet your appetite for more.  And if you want more check out these lists of the best Batman comics and graphic novels of all time put together by these folks:

Happy reading and Happy 75th Bats! The year of the Batman has just begun, stayed tuned for more!