Time For A Break…

Tonight 2018 comes to a close and so does my years of writing. That’s right folks, I’m taking a break… but I’ll be back in the near future.

Next year I’m embarking on a new journey and while I’m scared, stressed, and apprehensive, I’m looking forward to taking this next step. What I’ll be working on will improve my life as I’ll be learning new things and expanding my knowledge on topics important to me.

But in order to do so I’ll need to focus and work hard so I won’t be posting or even writing any new books-the only caveat being that I have a story to tell and it’s flowing well. I might post things on my Facebook from time to time but I’ll rarely be online for a while.

A big thank you to all who’ve supported me in big and small ways throughout the years and thanks to those who didn’t believe in me. I’ve learned a lot from all of you. If you would like to support me, please purchase a copy (or copies) of my works and leave a review. 

I think a break’s needed as I’m becoming worn down and bit disappointed with where things stand. Hopefully that’ll change when I return.  For now I bid you adieu, farewell, goodbye. Best wishes and many blessings in 2019.

Stay safe, keep resisting and don’t go quietly into the night.