The Conman Extraordinaire ebook Giveaway

At the beginning of November I self-published my first murder mystery crime novella Cooper Whitelaw, Conman Extraordinaire. To celebrate I’m giving away ebook copies of my book on Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie).  The giveaway will start today November 13th and end Friday, November 30th.

So enjoy! Do tell a friend or two and once you’ve finished reading my book, please leave a review on AmazonB&N,  or Goodreads .

Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


SFF Mega Promo & Horror and Thriller Giveaways

Greetings readers!

As a new work week begins, you might be in search of new reading material. Well today marks the start of two awesome giveaways which my YA novel I, Darcy is a part of. Check out the details below for more info.

SFF Mega Promo

Beginning today and ending December 17th, the SFF Mega Promo hosted by SFF Book Bonaza has many science fiction and fantasy books for you to download. Click here to get your books.

Horror and Thriller Giveaway

If you’re searching for your own personal nightmare before Christmas, this Horror Thriller Giveaway is the perfect getaway! Running from December 10th until the 31st, this giveaway features horror and thriller stories available as short stories, novellas, novels, and box sets.

Bonus: Find the magic in fantasy this holiday season!

Running from December 1st until the 31st, download free fantasy books from! My mermaid fantasy novella Orniainthi’s a part of this giveaway.


Free VDAY Downloads: Orniainthi, A Mermaid Fantasy Novella & To Love & Know Thyself, A Romance Poetry Collection

Happy Valentines and Single Awareness Day everybody! Hope your day’s going well and if it isn’t I hope it gets better for you. Perhaps my free downloads will cheer you up.

First download:
Originally titled Attack On Love, “To love and know thyself is to grow and change…” is the premise of volume two To Love and Know Thyself in T.C. Harrison’s The Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess series. In this book, T.C. shares poems inspired from their experiences dealing with love and relationships.

Today’s the last day to download your free ebook copy of my romance poetry book The Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess: To Love and Know Thyself (Vol.2). The book’s available for download only at so get your copy! You’ve got until midnight tonight.

Second download:

A massive panic attack during a group dive keeps Dr. Viola E. Foy at her desk for eight years. An urgent request from a college friend marks her return to sea exploration. But deception, betrayal, a transformation, and the end of the world await her. Can Dr. Foy harness her new abilities, avoid capture and save the world in time?

You can also get your free ebook copy of my mermaid fantasy novella Orniainthi today only at The print copy’s release date is set for next month.

I hope these two books brighten your day! And please feel free to spread the word about my books and leave a review.

Until next time!

Musings of a Blerd Poetry eBook Giveaway

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you’re doing well, and if you aren’t I’m sending positive vibes, happy thoughts, and Galactus sized hugs (if you like hugs) your way.  Hopefully what I have to share with you brightens your mood.

Starting today and ending on the end of this month, I’m giving away ebook copies of the last book in my poetry trilogy The Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess.  Volume 3’s titled Musings of a Blerd and you can download it for free over at

Here’s the book’s cover and synopsis:

This third and final installment in The Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess by T.C. Harrison is a book filled with poetic musings from the author inspired by their thoughts, feelings, reflections, and life experiences. The theme of individuality and celebrating who you are runs throughout the volume. The book is divided into seven parts, featuring poems touching upon multiple topics such as individuality, beauty, racism & injustice, feminism, being a nerd, etc. that will resonate with readers.

Also please leave a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads (or all three). Afterwards,  you can pick up a print copy or two for yourself. Remember you have until January 31st to download your free ebook copy!

Happy Reading!