KPop Minute: EXID Loves You, EXO Doesn’t Want You To Mess Up Their Tempo, & Monsta X Release English Version of Shoot Out

Welcome back to another KPop Minute! Hope you enjoyed your holiday, did you stuff your tummy like I did with delicious food?  Good! If you didn’t have a great holiday, I’ve got some new music for you to cheer you up.


The group made their comeback last week and this is the first time in two years that the group makes a comeback as a complete unit! Leader and main vocal  Solji could not participate in group activities due to illness but she’s back healthy and better than ever!  And so’s the group.

The new single was written by the group’s main rapper  LE with producer Shinsadong Tiger. “I LOVE YOU” is an addicting dance track which features the is repeated phrase “I love you like lalala.”  The music video showcases each member of the group waking up with a hangover from a night of partying and heartbreak.  It’s a colorful MV highlighting Solji and Heylin’s power vocals,  LE’s sharp witted raps (“Like the beer chill you drink on holiday after work
Like game and 3 bottles of Dom 88 champagne…”) and Hani and Jeonghwa’s soft unique voices. Also the dance choreography’s stylish and sexy.


If you were sick and tired of hearing Ko Ko Bop and The Eve, EXO made their return with a the  earlier this month with “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo.” This track is a bop.  It’s a mix of old school sounds with new school beats. The song’s breakdown is my fave part of the track.

Monsta X

Monsta X who had their comeback last month recently released the English version of their hit “Shoot Out”.  It still captures the sound and feeling of the original version. The seven member group returns to the US this month as the first Korean act to ever headline of the Jingle Ball Concert Series.