Horror On The Radio: DONOVAN’S BRAIN

Tales of horror come in various media formats and one that has kept fans up at night are radio dramas.  For Halloween Month, I’ll share some of my favorite horror/mystery/thriller stories from classic radio dramas. 

Congratulations, you’ve survived last week’s entry! But are you prepared for this week’s terrifying installment? You are? We shall see dear follower, we shall see. But enough of this prattle, let’s get on with our story.

This week’s tale is from the classic radio drama Suspense and is titled Donovan’s Brain.  The show’s adaption is based off of author  Kurt Siodmak’s novel of the same name and stars Osrson Wells in multiple roles!  As you can see there’s only story instead of two this week, and that’s because this story originally aired in two parts-a significant departure from Suspense’s format-on two consecutive Mondays back in May 18th, 1944.

Here’s the synopsis and the story:A determined scientist plans to keep Mr. Donovan’s brain alive in a jar…not such a good idea!