Diving Into Cosmetics: Wonder Woman and Star Trek Cosmetic Lines Are Coming!

And welcome back to Diving Into Cosmetics, the column in which I write about my experiences with makeup. It’s been a while since I’ve written about my adventures, but have no fear there will be more to come. Let’s start this first entry of 2016 with some awesome geek related news! Wonder Woman and StarContinue reading “Diving Into Cosmetics: Wonder Woman and Star Trek Cosmetic Lines Are Coming!”

Diving Into Cosmetics: Lipstick Part 1

When I left you last, I wrote about how my curiosity about makeup has led me to take small steps into the world of cosmetics. I’ve watched a couple of videos and read a few things and learned some terminology that I didn’t know before (You can read my previous post about makeup terminology). ThoseContinue reading “Diving Into Cosmetics: Lipstick Part 1”

Diving Into Cosmetics: So many questions

Cosmetics or makeup as it’s also called, I’ve always been curious about it. I enjoy watching fashion shows or videos that show models-ladies and gentlemen-having their faces painted in a creative masterpiece.  It’s a part of our culture and it’s history goes as far back as about 5,0000 years ago. Though I was curious, IContinue reading “Diving Into Cosmetics: So many questions”