Review: Phases of a Broken Sky


Written by Christina Barr

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Phases of a Broken Sky is an excellent read.

The novel tells the story of Jesse Holloway a young lady trying to break free from her over protective parents by starting her college years miles away from where she lives. At the start of her road trip she meets a stranger who changes her life forever.

Miss Barr’s writing continues to be superb and her characters fleshed out, flawed, complex individuals. The pacing of the story wasn’t slow or forced, nothing felt rushed and the plotting was well paced. I really enjoyed Jesse’s journey and the ending of the book reveals that her story is just beginning. The ending was really good and had me asking questions and wanting more. I look forward to reading the sequel.

Overall, Phases of a Broken Sky is a great addition to the paranormal genre.


Book Review: Becoming Undone

becomingBecoming Undone is the sequel to Almost Alive and continues the story of two lovers who fight demons, Michelle and Julian.

Julian loses himself and it’s up to Michelle to save him and get him back and she does. But not before going through many hellish twists and turns. In fact Julian and Michelle both become undone in different ways, only to pick themselves up again at the end.

I truly enjoyed reading this book more than I did reading the first. What I loved about this book was that the plot moved steadily and had many twists and turns that I did not see coming. From the get-go the story is full of action packed movements as the series of events throughout the story build on one another.

In this story Michelle finds the hope and courage to believe, and that is one of the messages readers can take away from Becoming Undone. At the end of the book, I was left content but also wondering if Michelle and Julian’s story wasn’t over just yet.

Overall Becoming Undone is an excellent sequel and readers will not want to put the book down until they’ve reached the end.