Reminiscing: 5 Favorite Classic Commercials From The 90’s

For the month of September, we’re going to reminiscence on some favorite TV shows, movies, etc.  In today’s entry we’re looking at five of my favorite classic commercials from the 90’s.

5. Miss Cleo

Before her business went down in flames, Miss Cleo reigned supreme on the tube. Her catchphrase “Call me now” remains one of the most well known in all of TV land.

4. Pepsi Cola

Not to be outdone by its sibling, Pepsi Cola also had some memorable commercials to promote it.  Not only were the Pepsi Girl commercials cute, they also had a musical component, namely the girl belting out Aretha Franklin. Fun fact: Did you know that the young lady featured in these commercials is Hallie Eisenberg, Jessie Eisenberg’s (a.k.a. Lex Luthor) sister? It goes without saying, that in the 90s, Pepsi outdid itself with its commercials.

3. Diet Pepsi
You got the right one baby...uh huh.

That catchphrase made famous by the late Ray Charles and his lady singers, made a smooth commercial. There was always a brilliant spin on how it was said as each new entry in the franchise showed up on our TV screens.

2. Budweiser Wassup!

Budweiser has had a lot of great commercials, but the Wassup! ones are some of the funniest and most memorable. The way this group of friends said “Wassup!” as they held their beer made the catchphrase a part of pop culture.

1. Got Milk?

The very first of the Got Milk? commercials was not only funny but also a lesson in U.S. history. I’ve always remember the answer to the question posed in the commercial . It also taught viewers the importance of having a glass of milk nearby!

Needless to say,  watching TV during the 90’s was mostly fun. In addition to having some of the greatest television shows of all time, we also had some of the best commercials. Click here to see more memorable commercials from the 90’s.


My Favorite Superbowl 48 Movie Trailers and Commercials

I like football and I’ll watch it on TV, but I mostly watch the Superbowl for the commercials and movie trailers. It used to be that the TV would be the only place to find them, but with YouTube, you can watch them before and after the game. Personally, I like to watch the commercials and trailers when they first air on the telly but that’s just me. By the slight chance that you missed them (you probably might have been working on that novel of yours or reading a good book), here are my favorites from the night.

Out of the two I enjoy the movie trailers the most so here are my faves:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The spot only played on TV but the new 2 minute long trailer was on the net for all of fandom to see and boy was it beautiful. I can’t wait for it to be April as this is going to be a great birthday present for me!



Here’s the UK version of the trailer:

Transformers: Age of Extinction

We expect the Autobots and the Decepticons to look good in any of Michael Bay’s Transformers films. Acting? Not so much but with a whole new cast which includes Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci, and Mark Walburg, hopefully that will change. We’ll have to wait till June to find out. In the meantime enjoy the robot porn which also includes Dinobots!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Spider-Man films from the 2000’s will always be my favorite and Toby Maguire will always be Spider-Man and Peter Parker to me. But here’s the new trailer (and bonus trailer) for the sequel of these Spidey films for a new generation. Ya’ll are being robbed IMHO.

And here are my fave commercials granted every year the list gets smaller and smaller.

Coca-Cola’s America the beautiful

This was a beautiful commercial. It shows that America is made up of and was built by people of different colors, ethnicity, religion , gender orientation, and age not just white straight Christian males.  Alas the folks who were upset because they sang the song in different languages…I shake my head at all of you.

Jaugar’s British Villains

I loved this commercial particularly because it featured Tom Hiddleston and Sir Ben Kingsley.

Budlight Ian Up For Whatever Film

I liked this commercial because it had Don Cheadle and  Arnold Schwarsanger in it and the guy got to play ping-pong with Arnold!

Budweiser Puppy Love

Any Budwiser commercial that features animals is cute and this one was cute.

Toyota’s The Muppets & Terry Crews

Two of my favorite things!


This young lady knows how to negotiate.

Kia The Truth Featuring Morpheus

It’s pretty cool to have Morpheus in a car commercial.

I forgot about this one! The Radio Shack Loves the 80’s 

All the stuff that you loved about the 80’s! Extended with extra stuff!