Arriving This April: Acrostic & Thirty Days of Expressive Imagination

Happy Wednesday folks!

I’ve returned from my spring break refreshed, and I hope that your spring break is or was a good one for you. Today I have an announcement. April’s National Poetry Month and I’ve got two poetry books being released! First up is the start of a new series for me titled Acrostic.


This book is my first attempt at writing acrostic poems and you’ve got a couple of KPop groups to thank for that. With their many attempts of doing acrostic poetry, I became curious and gave it a try.  It was a fun experience and I hope to write a second entry. Acrostic will be available in print and ebook formats. Add it to your GoodReads Shelf.

My second book Thirty Days of Expressive Imagination, is a print collection of my NaPoWriMo ebooks that I’ve written from 2014-2017. This year I won’t participate in NaPoWriMo so this book will take the place of the poems that I would usually write.  Thirty Days of Expressive Imagination will only be available in print. Add it to your GoodReads Shelf. 

Both books will be available on Createspace, Amazon, & Barnes and Noble. Acrostic will be available on Smashwords.

These two books get me 2/3’s of the way to my goal of publishing three books for the year. Currently I’m taking a break from writing but I hope to return to it in order to achieve my goal.