31 Days of Women Making History: Highlights in Women’s Sports to 1899 Infographic

Here’s another infographic  I made last year for Uncanny Pop’s 31 Days of Women Making History that celebrates a few past highlights in Women’s Sports to 1899.


31 Days of Women Making History: A Celebration of Women Aviators Infographic

Here’s another infographic that I made last year for Uncanny Pop’s month long 31 Days of Women Making History Event. This infographic celebrates women aviators.


31 Days of Women Making History Ladies First: Women’s Accomplishments in Hip-Hop Infographic

March has arrived and that means it’s Women’s History Month. Last year over at my other blog Uncanny Pop, we had a month long event titled 31 Days of Women Making History. It was a fun and hard filled month full of interviews, infographics, and even a successful giveaway. While we’re not doing a month long event this year, I wanted to share the infographics I had made with all of you here on my personal blog. Today’s infographic celebrates some of the achievements of women in hip-hop.


Black History Month Spotlight Infographic: Black Star Wars Characters & Actors

As we continue to celebrate Black History, I wanted to mix my love of Star Wars with my love of blackness. So here’s an infographic that I created using Piktochart that lists the black characters in the Star Wars universe. Granted this might not be a complete list but I did scour high and low to find as many black characters as I could. In addition there’s a bonus section listing black actors who appeared via their voice acting, motion capture, or as a member of the many alien races in the Star Wars universe.  Enjoy:


Black History Month: Black Inventors Infographic

In honor of Black History Month, I created this infographic (using Piktochart) spotlighting 8 black inventors. Obviously there are way more black inventors so head to your local library, or google to learn more. By just creating this infographic, I learned about inventors that I hadn’t heard about before.