Horror On the Radio: 31 Favorite Inner Sanctum Mysteries Episodes

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! As we celebrate this spooktacular day, I wanted to share 31 of my favorite episodes from the classic horror radio show Inner Sanctum Mysteries.  The show originally aired on the Blue Network from January 7, 1941 to  October 5, 1952.  Listeners entered the creaking door and were welcomed by the show’s host Raymond EdwardContinue reading “Horror On the Radio: 31 Favorite Inner Sanctum Mysteries Episodes”

Gif Guess: Halloween Month Edition

We’re counting down  the days till Halloween. As the celebration continues here’s a new entry for my blog that I called Gif Guess.  Can you guess the following 31 horror/scif-fi/fantasy/gothic films by their gifs? Take a whack at it!      

Horror On The Radio: The Voice On The Wire & Little Old Lady

Tales of horror come in various media formats and one that has kept fans up at night are radio dramas.  For Halloween Month, I’ll share some of my favorite horror/mystery/thriller stories from classic radio dramas.  This week we’ll listen to two of my favorite episodes from the classic radio shows Inner Sanctum Mysteries and LightsContinue reading “Horror On The Radio: The Voice On The Wire & Little Old Lady”

Black History Month: Winter Olympians

Today marks the start of the 2018 Winter Olympics aka the XXIII Olympic Winter Games! Around the world people will watch their fellow countrymen represent  and do their best in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. And because it’s also Black History Month, I wanted to also celebrate the African-American men and women athletes with this poster IContinue reading “Black History Month: Winter Olympians”

Infographic: Black History Month Firsts

Happy Black History Month! Here’s an infographic I made detailing some of our people’s achievements. Also if you’re on Duolingo’s Tiny Cards site I created flashcards of Black History Firsts.    

National Poetry Month Infographic: 10 Celebrity Poets

In celebration of National Poetry Month here’s an infographic I made last year for Uncanny Pop (via Piktochart.com) that features 10 Celebrities who are also poets. Which ones did you know about and which ones surprised you?

31 Days of Women Making History: Inspiring Quotes Infographic

Today’s infographic features a bunch of inspiring quotes by some notable women in history and was previously featured last year during Uncanny Pop’s 31 Days of Women Making History event. I hope they inspire you.