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Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week and I hope that you'll have a good weekend. Aside from poetry, I also like to write comic book scripts. It can be a very daunting process and I'm learning as What follows is a short list of comic book stories that I've written that have… Continue reading My Work In Comics

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Book Review: The Holy Dark by Kyoko M.

Kyoko M.’s The Black Parade series concludes with the final novel The Holy Dark. At the end of She Who Fights Monsters, our heroine Jordan Amador had almost brought on the apocalypse, was a fugitive on the run (which was brought to an end by the president’s pardon), she had lost her best friend’s trust,… Continue reading Book Review: The Holy Dark by Kyoko M.

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Take The Road Less Traveled: My Picks for Summer Reading 2015

It’s summer time and that means it’s time for summer reading! Whether it’s assigned or by individual choice, here are fifteen book suggestions from yours truly.

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Take the Road Less Traveled: My Picks For Summer Reading 2014

Summer is winding down and August has arrived. Soon students will head back to their classrooms and learn new things while expanding upon the knowledge they already hold. Families around the country are taking their final road trips and vacations. Everywhere kids and grownups alike are settling down around the campfire, relaxing on the beach… Continue reading Take the Road Less Traveled: My Picks For Summer Reading 2014

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Book Review: Storykiller

I was a Kickstarter backer (I didn't get The Girl Who Be King) and received the limited edition illustrated hardcover book with was numbered and signed. I really loved all the illustrations especially those of which were scenes from the book. Very beautiful. Storykiller is an excellent novel. The short description author Kelly Thompson gave… Continue reading Book Review: Storykiller

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Book Review: The Deadly Seven: Stories From The Black Parade

Kyoko M. has done it again with her marvellous writing and storytelling. I was sent a free digital copy (PDF format) of the book by the author, but I’ll also purchase a print copy of the book as soon as possible as I found The Deadly Seven to be a fantastic book! Before I continue,… Continue reading Book Review: The Deadly Seven: Stories From The Black Parade

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Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 Review

5/5 STORY BY Al Ewing ART BY Lee Garbett COLORS BY Nolan Woodard LETTERS BY Clayton Cowles COVER BY Jenny Frison PUBLISHER Marvel Comics The god of mischief has gotten a bit older and taller since his reincarnated self reappeared from the underworld and now he stars in his own book and he’s on a… Continue reading Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 Review