Top 5: Things Patrons Lose at My Library


My library is always bustling with students, faculty, staff, and people from the community who use the library’s computers, study rooms, desks, and chairs. They read books, newspapers, magazines, do homework and chat with their friends.  On campus, the library is one of the main places that people come to relax, study, and hang out.

With that said, when it’s time for the library to close, folks start packing up to leave and it’s time for library staff do one last walk about before locking the doors and going home..  Upon doing the walkabout,staff push in chairs and straighten up the place and usually find things that need to be put in the trash or given to security for lost and found. Here are the most common things that we find:

  1. Headphones

headphonesA lot of times, students bring their own headphones instead of checking out the library’s and sometimes they’ll forget to take theirs back home with them. We don’t get a lot headphones left behind but they are commonplace to be on the list.



  1. Books

booksThese objects shouldn’t be a surprise on the list, it is a library after all and books are the top thing to get used. Depending on the night, I can pick up one book or more than ten around the library. It’s nice to know that our patrons are using our materials.

  1. Trash

trashSometimes folks at the the library get a little too comfortable and leave the remains of whatever they’re drinking or eating behind. They forget that there are several trash cans upon the premises where they can dump their scraps and papers.




  1. Jump drives

jump driveWhen students are sitting at the computer focused on their work, oftentimes they’ll leave their jump drive behind. Thankfully, other students are kind and come up to the desk to turn in the abandoned object. It’s because of this that the student is reunited with their lost jump drive.


1. Water bottles

waterbottlesI don’t know the exact number of bottles that have been left behind sitting on a desk or chair, but I do know is that there have been many. Some are half full while others haven’t even been opened, and I feel so bad for throwing them out knowing that the water has gone to waste. As far as I know there isn’t a recyclable bin nearby so the bottle also goes to waste. I don’t know what it is about water bottles that they’re the top thing that’s left behind.
And that ends this list. Until next time!

Diving Into Cosmetics: Lipstick Part 1

Diving into cosmetics

When I left you last, I wrote about how my curiosity about makeup has led me to take small steps into the world of cosmetics. I’ve watched a couple of videos and read a few things and learned some terminology that I didn’t know before (You can read my previous post about makeup terminology). Those of you who aren’t makeup savvy like myself will learn right along with me and those of you who got your makeup knowledge down can help us out (seriously I need somebody, help!). Also in my previous post, I talked about how I wanted to focus on lipstick, nail polish, and-to add to this short list-eye shadow.  Let’s start with lipstick.

A few weeks back, I bought my first lipstick at a local beauty supply store, and only cost me .99 cents (yeah you read that right)! After wearing the color everyday to work for a few weeks, I’ve decided I needed more colors. Today, I headed back to the store and bought me a few more colors, five to be exact.

The lipstick is by Nicka K New York,  a brand that has been around since the 90’s and their prices for their products are really affordable, I mean really affordable.  The type of lipstick I bought in store retails on Nicka K.’s site for $1.49! Honestly I can’t afford makeup that costs $10 or more right now, so to discover this brand makes me extremely happy.

Today I went back to the beauty store and bought four more lip colors.  I just finished doing my first swatches and I tried each of my lipsticks on. All of five of these lipsticks are Nicka K New York Lipstick with Vitamin E. They are not matte, they’re very creamy. I tried all of these without a lip pencil (since I don’t have any).

First up is the first color that I bought Violet Red #807. It’s a pinkish red color. Pink is not my favorite color purple is but I do love this lipstick.



Next is Bordeaux #905. It’s a reddish brown color.  My mom picked it out she has good taste.





Next lipstick is Ruby Red #100. It’s an orange red. I like it there were a couple other reds that I was thinking of getting next time I go to the store so I can compare.

ruby red



These last two colors are nontraditional and I most likely won’t wear them to work but you never know.

First up is Smalt #999

This is a blue color. When I put it on my lips it first appeared purple but after a few times of going over my lips it came out blueish purple. My mom didn’t like this color she thinks it’s too dark, also she’s worried folks will make fun of me. I’m not worried about what others think. I like it though.  At least it matches my outfit.





Last but not least and in honor of Friday the 13th, here’s Black #306:




I like this one too, mom didn’t though she thought it was better than Smalt. Perhaps if I wanted to wear a black color to work I will have to get another lipstick.

And that’s it for now. I’ll be wearing these colors for sure and when I return to the store next month I’ll buy a few more shades. I want to get yellow and green lipsticks.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Black History Month Spotlight: 28 Days of Black Love In Film Part 1

I wrote this for @Uncanny_Pop last week. I’ll also reblog part 2 in a bit.

Uncanny Pop

In honor of Black History Month and Valentines Day, here’s a list of 28 black films all about love. The films are in order by the year that they were released.

1. Paris Blues (1961)

Ram Bowen and Eddie Cook are two expatriate jazz musicians living in Paris where, unlike America at the time, Jazz musicians are celebrated and racism is a non-issue. When they meet and fall in love with two young American girls, Lillian and Connie, who are vacationing in France, Ram and Eddie must decide whether they should move back to America with them, or stay in Paris for the freedom it allows them.

2. Nothing But A Man (1964)

African-American rail worker Duff Anderson (Ivan Dixon) has left his 4-year old son with a nanny, and now drifts through life with little ambition. Duff’s outlook on life changes when he meets schoolteacher Josie Dawson (Abbey Lincoln)…

View original post 970 more words

Diving Into Cosmetics: Terminology

Diving into cosmetics

Last time I talked about my cosmetics background-or lack thereof-and experience. I have a lot of questions that need to be answered, most of which are about the words used when talking about makeup. For instance the words ‘matte’, ‘swatch’, ‘satin’ etc., what do these words mean? Today we’ll answer those questions and more as I discuss makeup terminology.

Let’s start with the basics:

Swatch: this is when the product-lipstick, eyeliner, nail polish, etc.-is rubbed onto the skin or finger in order to show the color or texture of the product.

Dupe: a lower product that’s similar or a copy of a higher end product. Both products can also be lower end or high end.

  • Low-end: those that are affordable or can be purchased at the drugstore.
  • High-end: department store or exclusive products.

Collection:  Set of makeup products from a brand that is out for a limited time. Usually associated with a theme or a sponsored event.

Haul:  Large collection of makeup shown at once, which has been bought over time or at an event.

e/s: eye shadow

e/l: eyeliner

l/s: lipstick

l/g: lip gloss

T/M: Tinted Moisturizer

FOTD: Face of the Day

  • A picture collage of eye makeup, blush and lip product used that day.

LOTD: Look of the day

  • A picture collage of the complete look

LE: Limited Edition item

MUA: makeup artist can also stand for

MA: makeup artist

HG: Holy Grail, the must have product.

NIB: product is new in box

BOGO: buy one get one free

DC: discounted item

GWP: Gift with a purchase

Here are some product terms:

Matte: product doesn’t have any shimmer or glitter

Satin:  product is somewhat a matte but has some shimmer

Frosty: product is shiny or has a duo-chrome finish

Metallic: product is shiny like metal but not glittery

Bleed/Bled: a lip product that can leave residue on the outer part of the lip after wear

Fall-out: a powdery eyeshadow that transfers flakes and dust to other parts of the face

Chalky: product is powdery but its low quality and hard to blend

To “foil”:  using an eye shadow with a damp or wet brush in order to create a  more vibrant or pigmented effect.

“Runs”: This is when mascara is transferred under the eye area or down the face. This happens sometimes when a person wearing mascara cries.

To “stipple”: using a duo-fiber stippling brush with a foundation to create an airbrush look

Palette: a set that includes various colors of eye shadows, lip colors, or blushes

Resource: How to Learn Makeup Lingo


Finally, here’s a list of makeup brands that I’ve heard of:

Nicka K New York


Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

Victoria’s Secret (VS)

Urban Decay (UD)

Covergirl (CG)



Loreal Paris



Estée Lauder Companies

Max Factor

Mary Kay

Carol’s Daughter

Iman Cosmetics

TYRA (Tyra Banks’ cosmetic line)


And that’s all for now! A few weeks back I bought my first lipstick and this week I’m about to go buy a few more. I’ll tell you all about it in another post. Have a great weekend!


I just found this resource:

Introduction to Makeup Artistry for the Beauty Professional

Now I’m not going to be a beauty professional, but this looks like it has a lot of topics to cover and will help newbies like myself. I’ll take a look at it this weekend.








Diving Into Cosmetics: So many questions

Diving into cosmetics

Cosmetics or makeup as it’s also called, I’ve always been curious about it. I enjoy watching fashion shows or videos that show models-ladies and gentlemen-having their faces painted in a creative masterpiece.  It’s a part of our culture and it’s history goes as far back as about 5,0000 years ago.

Though I was curious, I didn’t see the point of makeup.  What was the point of going through the hassle of putting all this stuff on your face only to go through the hassle of taking it off? Why do you put on concealer, blush, and all of that other stuff? Why are crimping your eyes? What exactly does an eyeliner do? I could never see the difference it made.

For the majority of my life I’ve never worn makeup.  I couldn’t afford it and the very few times that I was able to buy cheap makeup didn’t make a lasting impression on me.  There have only been two times in my life where I’ve worn makeup. The first was in middle school, I was in sixth grade and I decide to try on my mom’s makeup and go to school with it on.  Nobody noticed anything different about me and it took me a bit of time to take it all off when I returned home.

The second time was when I was in my twenties (I can’t believe I’m saying that) and my mom and I went to the mall.  One of the stores was having an event and at one of the booths they were doing free make overs.  When I did my makeover, I learned from the makeup artist that I really didn’t need to wear a lot of makeup.

After that, makeup wasn’t even a thought. I just went about my daily life scaring folks with my makeup free face and nobody bothered me. And I never have understood the fascination with seeing a celebrity without their makeup, I mean really what’s the point? Some look the almost the same without it and then others look drastically different, what’s the big deal?

I’ve got so many questions about makeup.

What’s is it about makeup that we put it on almost everyday and some of us sleep with it on?  What is the proper way to apply lipstick, what is it made off, why do people use that crimpy looking thing on their eyes, why do you have to put on layers, how many shades of red are there, why do you have a makeup bag, what is it about makeup that we love it some much?

Well starting this year, I’m going to find the answers to these questions and more.

My curiosity has finally gotten the best of me and this year I decided that I would wear makeup.  I won’t be putting on concealer, blush, or eye shadow, let’s not get crazy here.  I’m starting out with lipstick and nail polish.  I’m on a budget so I won’t be doling out cash to buy a whole bunch of stuff, one thing at a time if you please.  I hope to document my journey of learning more about makeup on here so bear with me as I dive into the world of cosmetics.

8 Things I Learned in 2014

In just a few hours 2014 will be over, 2015 will arrive and I will welcome it with open arms. But until then, I wanted to share what I’ve learned this year.

1. Don’t compare yourself to others. 

I’m 32 years old and I look at what other people who are in my age group have done and I become disappointed in myself. I feel as if I’ve should be farther than where I am in my life. I keep comparing myself to others and it’s not doing me any good.

I’ve learned that each person is on their own path in this thing we call life and though at times I feel as if I should be further along, I know I just need to stay focused on who I am and what I want to accomplish as I continue to work hard to get to those mountaintops. I don’t need to worry about what others are doing. I can be inspired by their journeys, but I don’t need to compare myself to them and feel as if I’m a loser.

2. Never give up, never surrender.

This phrase from Galaxy Quest will forever be one of my mantras.  This year was the year I almost quit writing for good. I had accomplished writing my first novel and I was so excited about the next step in the process-editing. As I started the process my excitement came crashing down and felt so frustrated and angry with myself. I felt that I should have done better with my writing and I also felt stupid.

My frustrations boiled up to the point of almost no return and I began to hate writing and wanted to walk away from writing for good. That’s why I haven’t written much on here, my love of writing just left me.  Thankfully I decided to take a break and when I did a few good things happened.

  • 3. When frustrated, work on something else.

When I put my novel aside and left it there, I worked on other things. I published my third poetry ebook, and I started the pop culture blog Uncanny Pop with one of my Twitter friends. I didn’t stop writing, I just worked on something else and my love of writing has slowly returned.

4. An accomplishment is an accomplishment no matter how small. 

I might not have accomplished much in some people’s eyes or my own this year, but I did do something. I wrote a novel (which was on my bucket list), and I published four books (Where My Imagination Takes Me, Attack on Love, Poesy Rainbow, Outside of the Box) this year.  I had two of my stories published in an eZine and a comic book anthology, in addition to creating Uncanny Pop which is slowly developing a following since its inception in October (the blog has about 235 followers so far). Finally I surpassed my yearly reading goal by reading 68 out of 40 books for the year.

5. Change is scary but it’s also necessary for growth.

This year I cut my hair for the first time ever. I said goodbye to my long locs and hello to short hair. I was scared to do it at first but I overcame my fear and plunged right in. I’m hoping to make changes in other areas of my life in 2015, I’m scared but I know it’ll help me grow as a person.

6. Though the struggle is real, don’t give up hope.

Things in my personal life got a little bit worse, my family has struggled all of my life to make ends meet and right now things are extremely tight.  I’m the sole person who brings in an income-and it’s not a lot at all. On top of that my mom and I have been sick-my mom’s been in and out of the hospital this year, and I’m dealing with my graves disease. There’s a lot of stressful things going on in our lives (police brutality, racism, finances, health, etc.) but though we struggle we continue to not give up hope.

7. Let it go. 

I haven’t seen Frozen (and probably never will due to the many parodies of the song) but that phrase has stuck with me. Sometimes you need to let go of the things and people in your life. There are 10 types of toxic people that you need to leave behind in 2014. Let them go! They’re not worth dealing with anymore.

Many days go by where I’m not sure if I really have friends, but I look forward to the new year and what it has to offer in the way of my relationships. I want to have my own circle of trust that I can depend on.

8. Do your thing!

Be you! Don’t try to be anyone else. The world needs you, you are unique and no one else could replace you. Keep practicing, keep working hard. Don’t give up! Whatever goals, ideas, projects, etc. that you have always wanted to do, do it in 2015, find a way to make it happen. Don’t wait on others, just plunge right in.

I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year! I hope 2015 is way better than 2014 and that you’ll be healthy, happy, and flawless!

I’ll see you in 2015.



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