When You’re Stressed the F**k Out… Part IV

Hello my friends, I’ve returned with a new entry in this series. Once again stress has reared its ugly head and is currently looking at me like this:

Between dealing with gaslighting people, health and financial issues, and taking a class that I shouldn’t have but had no choice to, yeah it’s been fun.

Anyways, I wanted to check in with you and see how are ya’ll are doing. So here’s what I wanted to know:

What has brought you joy this year?

This year it was a combination of things: arts and crafts, reading, and listening to music. My immediate family has also brought me joy especially my cat who’s always making me laugh.

What are you looking forward to next year?

I look forward to a fresh start. I’m not gonna get into any details here but I’m claiming it for my family and I a brand spanking new start. Peace of mind.

How do you keep hope alive?

It’s been hard, but I pray and there are folks-strangers and people I know who have touched my life by doing kind things both through their words and actions.

Seriously, I need to know!

Those are my questions. Once again I hope you’re safe and sound. I wish for things to turn around for you and I hope your stress will go away. Until next time!

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Writer, self-published author, artist and crafter.

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