Musings of a Newbie Artist

Greetings and salutations everyone! Today I’m beginning a new series titled “Musings of a Newbie Artist”. This series will focus on my arts and crafts projects I’ve been working on. When the Panasonic began and I was working from home, I started getting a bit antsy and wanted to work on something that would spark joy.

If you’ve been keeping and eye on me for a while, I haven’t really been feeling writing. Granted a new idea often pops into my head and I jot it down but I never get energized to start writing it. I know someday that’ll change but for now, writing just ain’t it for me.

Anyhoo, back to what this post is about: arts and crafts. I found that I enjoy creating physical things with my hands in addition to my now lost joy of creating worlds, so and while I’ve mentioned that I would post about my new role as a newbie artist, I haven’t posted a thing on here! This blog also requires writing and well…

Now that it’s been what almost two years into the panini, it’s about high time I show you what I’ve been up too(There’s also my shop that I’ve opened on Ko-fi and Esty that I kinda need to keep advertising). So I’ll be posting a bit more often-more or less- what I’ve made within this time period in addition to what I’m currently working on. Before I end this post, I’ll give a bit a background on where I started and where I’m currently at in my art journey.


In the beginning, my art journey commenced with me learning how to sew pockets onto some of my pocket-less clothes and then moved onto sewing felt plushies. After that I ventured into painting-mostly of the acrylic variety- and then resin crafting and finally-my current location in the arts and crafts world- jewelry making.

While I’m not a great artist, I truly enjoy creating and I hope that I can continue to do and that you folks will enjoy what I share in each post. Now keep in mind, I’m a newbie artist, there’s not gonna be any tutorials primarily because I’m not a teacher I’m just a beginner and secondly because there are so many ways to craft, you just gotta find what way work for you.

I hope ya’ll will enjoy these posts and comment and give feedback- constructive criticism is always welcomed- and let me know what you think and what you would like to see. And with that I’ll see you soon, please remember your existence is important and I hope you’re safe, thriving and well.

Until next time,


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