Romwe Cat Themed Haul Review

While I’ve done some hauls in the past this is the first that I’m reviewing and sharing with you. It’s also the first time that I’ve purchased items (with my own money of course I’m no influential YouTuber or Instagrammer) from Romwe.

What is Romwe?

It’s an online fashion store that features clothing,  accessories, etc. for cheap prices. Per their About Us page (emphasis mine):

ROMWE has been a global online stop for fast fashion since 2010. Our aim is to always provide high value trendy pieces at incredible prices while ensuring high quality service to our customers. We design, source, market and sell clothing, accessories and home & living products. We target our items to young fashionable consumers through localized mobile and web platforms. We deliver from our warehouses in the US, Europe and China to nearly every country in the world.

I’ve heard about Romwe for a while now and while I was skeptical and leery about the site, I was also curious. So I did my due diligence and researched. I viewed Romwe Hauls on YouTube, and read a couple of articles about the site. There were many valid complaints ranging from the store selling fast fashion, inaccurate sizing, shipping taking way longer than expected, etc. While I wasn’t fully sold on the site, I came to the conclusion that I still wanted to make a purchase… and that’s what I did.

A few things to note: 

  • I am aware that site sells fast fashion clothing and I’m aware of the issues surrounding that. If you want to learn more about fast fashion here are a few links to help you out:

Fast Fashion (via

What is Fast Fashion? (via

  • Because this was my first time using the site, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money (I normally don’t to begin with since my finances are limited anyway).  I only spent a total of $63.45. You can see the Order Summary below:
  • Since I knew shipping takes forever, I ordered everything exactly a month ahead (March 7th) of my birthday (April 7th). Tracking information shows that my packages (2) were coming via USPS. And my shipping was free-US shipping is free with orders over $49.00. Otherwise $4.99 with 6-8 business days.
  • I wanted to have a little fun and decided to have a theme for this haul. So I typed in Cats in the search button and bought some of the products featured in the search results.
  • Due to the many sizing issues other customers have had, I ordered all the clothing items in a large. I normally wear a medium or small but since these were mostly sweaters and a pjs I ordered everything in a large.
  • Finally I apologize for the quality of my personal photos. I don’t have a cool camera yet but I did the best that I could with my flip phone (yes you read that right-I don’t really need a smartphone) and my Kindle Fire 7 so please bear with me.

Now let’s return to to shipping.

Upon viewing Romwe’s Shipping page it states the following under Processing:

Most items will ship out within 24-48 hours of ordering (weekends and holidays not included).
You will be informed if an item in your order is not available for immediate shipment. Therefore, the order may be separated into different shipments (for no extra charge), and items ordered together may not be shipped out on the same day.
My order was divided up into two packages, the first of which I received on March 12th-six days after I made my order! I checked the status of the second package that has the remaining items in it the next day after I received the pj’s and it and it showed that on March 8th it was processed and left the warehouse and on March 9th it was shipped. It arrived in the U.S. from China on March 11th. I received the second package on March 21st, 15 days later. (In addition Romwe’s customer support contacted-with no initiation from me- me to apologize for the shipping delay and gave me 200 points (Every 100 points can be used as one US dollar so this wasn’t a huge thing)).So that wasn’t a bad turnaround at all. Given what others have stated about shipping issues I was thinking I wouldn’t receive my items till next month. So that’s good.

What I bought:


Cat & Butterfly Print Pajama Set ($8.95). I paid $8.06 with the discount code I used.

Size range: S M L XL as I stated previously I sized up for all the clothing items I ordered. So I got a L.

Material: 95% Polyester and 5% Cotton.

Thoughts: The pajama looks exactly as it does in the picture and I’m glad I got a large. Both the shirt and pants fit well on me and it’s not a tight fit nor is it a loose fit, it’s a just right fit. The material’s not scratchy nor does it smell (there’s been complaints of items having a type of smell).

Expectation vs. Reality

Overall this is a keep for me (whether I like it or not I have to keep it Romwe’s return policy (which I encourage you to read over) does not allow for the return of sleepwear). This pj also came in a light yellowish color and there are other pjs that are around the same price.

Up next are the four cat themed sweaters:
(White)Cat Print Sweatshirt ($4.95) I paid $4.46 with the discount code I used.
Size: S M L XL as I stated previously I sized up for all the clothing items I ordered. So I got a L.
Material: 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex
Cat Print Sweatshirt ($8.95) I paid $8.06 with the discount code I used.
Size: S M L XL as I stated previously I sized up for all the clothing items I ordered. So I got a L.
Material: 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex
1Plus1 Girls Cat Print Pullover ($7.95) I paid $7.16 with the discount code I used.
Size: S M L as I stated previously I sized up for all the clothing items I ordered. So I got a L.
Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
(See You)Letter And Cat Print Sweatshirt ($8.95) I paid $8.06 with the discount code I used.
Size Range: S M L XL  I stated previously I sized up for all the clothing items I ordered. So I got a L.
Material: 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex

Thoughts: I wore these sweaters each day to work (see pictures below). I’m glad I did for it was a bit breezy, chilly and rainy throughout the week (I live in Florida btw). Each one has a different feel to it and the material off each sweater varies. I like them all but my favorites are the 1Plus1 Girls Cat Print Pullover ($7.95) and the Cat Print Sweatshirt ($8.95) Out of the four the (White)Cat Print Sweatshirt ($4.95) was the thickest while the (See You)Letter And Cat Print Sweatshirt ($8.95) was the thinnest (it also didn’t have any pockets). Overall I’m satisfied with my sweaters. You can wear them with or without a tee underneath and you’ll still be comfortable.

For my final clothing item purchase I present you with these cute Cat Pattern Invisible Socks 5Pairs ($3.95).

Expectation vs. Reality

Size: One size

Material: 64% Cotton, 36% Polyester

Thoughts: With the discount, I paid $3.56 and wasn’t disappointed. These socks look exactly as they’re featured in the picture and not only are they cute, but they’re also comfortable.  There were other options for cat socks so it was hard to choose but these were the ones I ended up purchasing.

That ends the clothing portion of this haul review. Now it’s time for the accessories!

First up is the Cat Pattern Floor Mat (13.95) 

With the discount code I paid $12.56. Out of everything that I bought, this was my favorite. First off I was a little skeptical about it, but when it arrived all of that disappeared. It’s exactly as it looks in the site’s picture and it’s a little bigger than I thought it would be.

Reality vs. Expectation


This Cat Print Makeup Bag ($1.95) I is cute but yet it was the biggest disappointment.  It’s smaller than how it’s presented in the site’s picture. You can only hold a few-and I mean a few-lipsticks and maybe one compact mirror. It won’t be able to hold anything else. I did pay $1.76 and that’s a good price for this cute tinier than thou makeup bag.

Expectation vs. Reality


I haven’t attempted to place this Cat Decora Hook 1pc ($2.95) on my wall…I’ll wait till I move into a new place. For now I’ll say that the item looks exactly like the picture. It’s large and adorable and I look forward to placing it in a nice spot in my new home. With the discount I paid $2.66.
Expectation vs. Reality
Moving onto the Cat Overlay Print Cushion Cover ($2.95)  I love it. And I only paid $2.66 I have no regrets!
Expectation vs. Reality

All that leaves us with are the Gold Hollow Out Cute Cat Pattern Dangle Earrings ($1.95) and the Butterfly & Cat Tattoo Sticker Set 5pcs ($1.95) which I paid $1.76 each for thanks to the discount. Both look exactly as they do in their pictures. I haven’t used the tattoos yet, but plan on doing so soon. I’m not sure if the earrings have real gold but I do like them. They were light as a feather on my ears and they’re just simple and stylish.

Expectation vs. Reality

Final Thoughts:

Overall I’m quite pleased with my first haul from Romwe. Would I purchase from the site again? I’m planning on ordering a few more items later this month and that will be it for a while. And I’ll post a review of my haul for you. If you do order from this site, make sure to do the following:

  1. Read the reviews for the items
  2. Be aware of the shipping and return policies.
  3. Keep in mind that Romwe has a similar site called Shein which sells similar clothes for higher prices.
  4. Check out these Romwe hauls from the following YouTubers which inspired me to give Romwe a try:

That’s it for now! Have a great week.


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