For July It’s Stars & Stripes, Daggers & Beasts


As we celebrate & contemplate Independence Day here are two giveaways running the entire month that’ll intrigue you.

First up we’ll start with the Stars & Stripes YA Group Giveaway. Here you’ll find a variety of YA books including I, Darcy by yours truly. If your in the mood for adventure and want a story or stories featuring strong heroes and heroines as the primary lead, the Daggers & Beasts Giveaway was made just for you. And Orniainthi’s one of the many titles available for download.

As always remember after you’ve read any of the books you download from the giveaway please leave a review. Reviews are essential to helping authors spread the word about their work. If you pick up one or both of my books, please leave a review on either Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and or Goodreads.

Finally I’ve got a couple of posts that you ought to check out on my site. I’m celebrating Summer-specifically Summer Blockbusters-and I’m updating old posts from my Moviepilot writing days and creating new ones that share the theme. And here they are:

5 Favorite Characters From The Jurassic Park Film Franchise
Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water… 12 Fun Facts From The Jaws Franchise
7 Favorite Missy Elliot Songs
The Big Score: 10 of My Favorite Captivating Heist Films

Enjoy your Independence Day!

PS: Please show my Facebook page some love!

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