And we’re bringing the heat with an awesome new Instafreebie giveaway! This month both of my books are featured in the Where Women Rule giveaway. 

In this giveaway the ebooks feature women protagonists in Women’s Fiction and Fantasy Fiction genres.  Get your books here. My mermaid fantasy novella Orniainthi and my YA alternative historical novel I, Darcy are both featured.

The giveaway starts this Saturday, June 22nd and runs until Tuesday,  July 3rd.

After you’ve read any of the books you download from the giveaway please leave a review. Reviews are essential to helping authors spread the word about their work. If you pick up one or both of my books, please leave a review on either Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and or Goodreads

Finally, I’ve got two new posts on my site for you to enjoy. The first is about Steve Trevor and the second is the first part of my horror thriller short story titled Father’s Day. I initially wrote this part three years ago but came back to it recently to tidy it up and also expand upon it.

3 Ways Steve Trevor Can Appear in the Wonder Woman Sequel
Short Story: Father’s Day Part I: Emancipation

It’s one of the couple of writing projects I’m working on. Previously I’ve mentioned that I have the goal of publishing three books for the year. I’ve published two already and I’m working/struggling on number three. Wish me luck.

That’s all for now! I hope your summer is full of fun, relaxation, romance, and adventure! Thanks in advance and happy reading!


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