3 Ways Steve Trevor Can Appear in the Wonder Woman Sequel

I’m a big fan of Pine’s and he’s makes a great Steve Trevor. If you’re not familiar with his acting resume, please read my 8 Under the Radar Chris Pine Films You Need to See post, as an introductory course (coming soon). It was recently announced that Chris Pine has returned for Wonder Woman 2 as Steve Trevor.  Previously, Pine had signed on for a multi-picture deal, so that means the character is set to appear in more than one film.

First up, a quick refresher on who Steve Trevor is:

Steve Trevor is Wonder Woman’s primary love interest, and first appeared in All Star Comics #8 back in December 1941/January 1942. He was originally introduced by Wonder Woman’s creator William Moulton Marston as a U.S. military intelligence officer who became stranded on Wonder Woman’s homeland Paradise Island.

Though he was a military man, the storylines featuring Steve and Wonder Woman involved inversions of the damsel in distress trope where Steve was rescued by Wonder Woman. During the ’70s and up to the ’90s, his character was either sidelined or absent altogether from the storylines which favored more fantasy and action-adventure stories for Wonder Woman in lieu of any romantic interests.

Current portrayals, particularly in the New 52, involve him being a senior government agent and super spy who is the United States’ liaison to the Justice League due to his close connection to Wonder Woman. In 2013, Steve became a member of the new incarnation of the Justice League of America. Keeping the character’s comic book history in mind and thinking about his appearances in other media, let’s look at the facts:

Steve Trevor’s Alive?! 

At the end of Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor supposedly met his demise when the plane he was in exploded. However we now know that wasn’t the case… or do we?  All we know for right now is that Steve Trevor appears right along side Diana in the sequel. So  how does he make his return? That’s the big question. What follows are three options as to how he could appear.


Two Steves?
You read that right, there could be two Steves. Hear me out on this. While Trevor’s first appearance in the DCEU is set during WWI, he could still appear in modern times. In the Wonder Woman television series, there were two Steve Trevors: father and son. Both of these characters were played by the same actor, Lyle Waggoner. On the show, both Trevor worked and fought alongside Wonder Woman.Steve Trevor, Sr. appeared during the first season of the show which was set during the 1940s where he and Wonder Woman fought the Nazis. Seasons 2 and 3 were set during present day (the ’70s) and Trevor’s son, Steve Trevor, Jr., appeared. He and his new associate Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman worked together and had a secretary named Beverly Ryan who assisted them.In Wonder Woman Pine could be DCEU’s version of Steve Trevor, Sr. and in accordance with his multi-picture deal, he could appear in the sequel and other future films as Steve Trevor, Jr.Flashbacks?This option might be unlikely, but similar to Hayley Atwell’s Agent Peggy Carter, Pine could appear in multiple Wonder Woman films in flashback sequences. One of the most likely reasons Pine chose Trevor over Hal Jordan is it won’t be as time consuming and he’ll be able to have more freedom in the movies he chooses to do in the future.

And if Trevor should appear in modern times, Pine could play an older version of the character, similar to Peggy Carter’s appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In the Justice League three part episode The Savage Time, Trevor is a secret agent for the Allies during World War II. Having gone back in time with the league to prevent Vandal Savage from changing history in favor of the Axis powers, Wonder Woman rescues Trevor from a plane crash and the two form a flirtatious relationship that remains a friendship in the present day where Trevor is an elderly man.

Government liaison?

Now since the Wonder Woman sequel is set during the 80’s, Steve Trevor could appear as the U.S. government’s liaison to Diana during her stay in Washington D.C. During the 80’s tensions were high as the Cold War was still going on so this might be a good bet.

In the comics, after Flashpoint occurred, history was altered. When Wonder Woman makes her first appearance in man’s world, Trevor attempts to convince Amanda Waller that Diana and her people are not a threat to international security.

In addition to being the U.S. government liaison, Trevor later becomes head of the newly formed Advanced Research Group for Uniting Super-Humans a.k.a. A.R.G.U.S. as well as the U.N.’s liaison to the newly formed Justice League. The DCEU’s version of the character could take on a similar role whether or not the Flash movie goes the route of Flashpoint (which might not happen).

As we continue to countdown the days, weeks, months, and years to the Wonder Woman sequel, speculation as to how Steve Trevor will appear onscreen will continue. Speculation and pondering aside, I know the character is in good hands and I look forward to watching more of  Chris Pine’s take on the character.

Wonder Woman 2 will arrive in theaters November 1, 2019.

What are your thoughts on how Steve Trevor will appear in the Wonder Woman sequel? Leave a comment below.


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