My Year in Books: 2017

It's that time of year again where I give you a review of my year in books. Since 2013 I've participated in GoodReads' reading challenge, where I challenge myself to read a specific number of books for the year. The first time I volunteered myself as tribute, my goal was to read 10 books. I … Continue reading My Year in Books: 2017


KPop Minute: B.A.P. HANDS UP MV

*KPop Minute is a new column on my site in which I feature a post on something related to KPop. I'm new to the KPop scene (got interested back in May 2017) and so I'm sharing my journey with my followers. Enjoy!* The kings are back! Today marks the start of the KPop group B.A.P. … Continue reading KPop Minute: B.A.P. HANDS UP MV

SFF Mega Promo & Horror and Thriller Giveaways

Greetings readers! As a new work week begins, you might be in search of new reading material. Well today marks the start of two awesome giveaways which my YA novel I, Darcy is a part of. Check out the details below for more info. SFF Mega Promo Beginning today and ending December 17th, the SFF … Continue reading SFF Mega Promo & Horror and Thriller Giveaways