Review: Wonder Woman

Greetings everyone! I hope everyone is doing good, it’s been a tough few weeks, I’m sending my thoughts, prayers, and love to the people of Manchester and London. I know that isn’t enough but it’s all that I got and can give.

It’s been a while since my last post so I apologize, I haven’t been dilly-dallying though. Reading, and writing is what I’ve been up to. I continue to edit I, Darcy in preparing for its October release, research for the sequel to my mermaid fantasy novella Orniainthi continues and I’m working on a new story, Cynical Joy.

Speaking of joy and love, here’s a short review of the Wonder Woman film that came out this past weekend.

This was me after watching Wonder Woman on a rainy Thursday evening:


If you can’t tell, I loved the movie, I mean I LOVED IT!


Here are a few of my favorite things from the film.



They came in all colors, body types, and skill. Though they had a few lines they were awesome. Robin Wright as General Antiope was just righteous! To learn more about the women who played these amazing warriors read Jill Pantozzi’s article on her site titled “Who Is She? Meet Wonder Woman‘s Amazon Warriors”.


My favorite Chris did a great job. The chemistry between him and Gal was believable.


I loved her Etta Candy and wished there was more of her in the film.


The film didn’t stiff on the action. From beginning, middle and end there was ass kicking



When Wonder Woman walks through No Man’s Land, and after watching her step onto the battlefield, the men follow and fight.


Etta Candy wasn’t used enough.

The plot twist and third act were a bit weak.

UPDATE (6/12/17) after reading other people’s reactions and articles about the film I’ve added the following:


Though there are WOC in Themyscira, they are in the background, given barely any lines, and used as stereotypes (You can read more about this issue over at Afropunk and I encourage you to check out Son of Baldwin and Valerie Complex discussion as well).

There were Black women, but I didn’t see any Asian women, though over at IMDB it states that Chinese-Canadian actor named Samantha Jo was cast as the Amazon Euboea who in the comics is Diana’s best friend.

As far as WWI goes, there were barely and soldiers of color. I think I remember seeing only one Black soldier. Please don’t tell me that’s historically accurate because I’ll have to remind you of the Harlem Hellfighters.

Please keep in mind that you can like/enjoy/love something and still critique it. 


The film ends with a message of love and hope.  This was the best film of the DCEU so far and I give it an A-.

Here’s my ranking of the DCEU (mind you, I enjoyed all of the films in spite of their flaws. I’m not going to argue yes they could be better but I still enjoyed them. YMMV):

  1. Wonder Woman
  2. Man of Steel
  3. Batman V Superman
  4. Suicide Squad

And that’s all folks. Let me leave you with this quote from Wonder Woman:

“It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.”


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