NaPoWriMo 2017: Days 21-24

Written by T.C. Harrison

Copyright 2017



Large quiet greedy

Feline who rubs

Their constantly shedding

Orange fur onto the

People they love.




So I see you’re

No longer single.

I should have

Suspected the two

Of you were

An item, the

Clues were all

There in that

Press interview ya’ll

Did for the

The third film.

It was just

Like Tom and

Taylor at the

Met Galley, we

All knew those

Two would be

Together. Though I’m

Happy for you

I’m also crushed

Cause you know

You’re my bae

But since there’s

A tiny chance

In hell that

I’ll ever meet

You and even

A speck of

Dust chance that

If I ever do

We’ll become an

A couple, I’m

Going to wish

Both you and

Sophia the best

Of luck and

Try not to

Ball my eyes

Out at the

Same time.





I’m so sick

And tired of

You my dear

Storm, you’re

My first and

I’m grateful to

Have you but

Your damn quirks

And annoyances are

Giving me a

Bloody headache and

I tire of going

To the dealership

That is so far

Away from my

House only to

Find out that’ll

Cost two arms

And a leg

To fix whatever’s

Wrong with you

And that’s after

I pay the

$99 diagnostic fee…

Suddenly all of

Those calls for

Trading you in

All make sense





It’s been a

Year since you’ve

Left us and

Ascended into the

Purple rain

It’s been hard

There’s barely any

Musical geniuses left

And the artists

Of the younger

Generation hardly show

Any promise and

I wonder will the

Music die?

But then I hear

Your voice and

Know that no

Matter what this

Thing called life

Brings, the music

Will play on and on

Thanks to the

Awesome DJs in

The big purple



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