NaPoWriMo 2017: Day 18

Written by: T.C. Harrison

Copyright 2017




I can’t seem

To focus on

One thing due

To the many

Ideas and goals

That moving in

My mind constantly

Vying for attention

And it’s hard to

Figure out what

I actually want

To do in this life

All I know is that

I want to help others

And I’ve done that

In many different

Ways and formats

But what I really

Want to know is

What is the right

Path for me?

Fate, gods, whoever

You are up there

In the sky

Tell me what

Am I supposed

To do in this

Thing we call life?

I’m just trying

To get through it

And it’s made

Harder by the

Forces of orange

Who constantly keep

Wanting to undermine

Common sense, liberty,

Justice, Freedom and

Everything I hold dear

Who am I?

How can I

Make a difference

In a world

That reminds me

Daily that I’m not

Important that I’m

A speck of dust

Amongst the specks

Of dusts and

No one will

Miss me when

I’m gone.

This whole thing

Scares me but

Yet I keep going

Not knowing when

It’s time for me

To leave this

Plane of existence

For another.

Isn’t heaven just

Another plane of

Existence? Isn’t hell?

Sometimes Death herself

Beckons me to

Follow her shadow

And the evil that

I fear tends to

Overwhelm and suffocate

Me that I often

Cry out in the

Middle of the night

And must grab

Hold of my mp3

And put on my

Earphones and listen

To the soothing

Sounds of artists

That others may

Or may not

Love and finally

I can close my

Eyes and sleep

Despite the voice

Of a black, disfigured ghost

Who warns me in

A hellish whisper

“Momento mori.”

And then the

Restlessness and ambition

Overtake me once

More, forcing me to

Question what my

Purpose is and will

It make an impact

Or am insignificant

Like the friends, crushes,

Lovers, family members,

And strangers who’ve

Abandoned me throughout

My thirty-five years of

Existence have proven

To me time, time, time

Enough at last.


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