NaPoWriMo 2017: Day 16

By: T.C. Harrison

Copyright 2017


When you’ve outlived

Your usefulness with

Someone or a group

You find yourself

Tossed away like

Yesterday’s garbage

Tumbling like a

Tumbleweed in the



Except you aren’t

Trash and you

Know it. All you

Need is a spit shine

To wipe away all

The filth and grease

That was placed on

You during your

Time in the toxic

Wasteland of faux


Once cleaned and

Dipped into a

Lazarus pit to

Revive you spirit

And cleanse your

Mind of the many

Voices trying to

Takeover, you’ll

Find your way

And ascend to

A better path

One that’ll take

You on a

Journey of a





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