NaPoWriMo 2017: Days 7-9

Written by: T.C. Harrison

Copyright 2017



Let’s see…

With five more

Years to 40,

I live in

A great time

Of uncertainty

As a realm

Of orange terror

Hangs over me



Still I rise

To conquer the

Demons wherever they

May hide

Whether personal or

From society, it

Makes no difference.

I’ll fight them

All with the

Wind at my

Back and Mjolnir

In hand I’ll

Rise from the

Ashes and soar

As my goals

Properly demand…

I’ve learned and

Grown and I

Want to see

The seeds that

I’ve sown grow

And tower over

The myriad of

Naysayers who doubted

And abandoned me

When I was

In a state

Of despair…


35 I’m alive

With faith hope

And love tingling

At my self-taught

Cynicism and doubt

I keep swimming

Regardless of what

Comes to greet

Me in the

Morning, noon, and

Night, rain, snow

And sunshine…


I’m 35 and

Alive, I am

The dragon breathing

Fire as I

Tower over those

Who’ve attempt to

Keep me from

Who I’m supposed

To be…


I did not come

To play with

These hoes I

Came to slay


I’m 35 and

I’ll rise to

The occasion every

Fucking  time…




Do you love

My blackness?

I know it

May not be

Your cup of

Tea but I

Drink it every day


It’s versatile and

Free I can

Sing, dance, and

Be me as I

Embrace who I’m

Supposed to be

Whether it’s rock

Or hip-hop, pop

Country, jazz, or

Somewhere in between

My blackness always

Finds a place


My hair loves

My blackness, it

Can be whoever

It wants to be

One day its

Long, styled in

Locs, the next

It’s chopped short

And then the

Day after its

Shaved to a

Buzz cut and then

Several months later

A short afro

Has grown and

Then takes the

Shape of a

Pigtail yarn braids



My blackness has

Roots in my

Ancestors, especially those

“Angry black women”

Those loud black

Girls who refused

To be silenced


My blackness includes

Being a blerd,

One who enjoys

comics, anime, gaming,

Cosplay and more

Even while these

Spaces continue to

Demean, dismiss, ignore

And exclude people

Like me


I could write

All day about

My blackness,

But I’ve taken

Up enough of

Your time so

I’ll ask you

Once more do

You love my



It might not

Be like yours

But it has

The right to

Exist, to breathe

And live free


As Deray says

In an almost

Daily tweet

“I love my blackness

And yours”



Purple makes me

Happy it brightens

Up my day

As it leads

The way from

Despair to joy


Whether big or

Small an item

That’s purple makes

For an important

Discovery because for

The small amount

Of time that


It takes in

My day, finding

Or receiving something

That’s purple replaces

The sorrow and

Cynicism in my

Heart with hope


Purple makes me

Happy it brightens

Up my day

As it leads

The way from

Despair to joy




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