NaPoWriMo 2017 Days 1-3

Written by T.C. Harrison

Copyright 2017


The April Fool

Is no more


Desiring to make

A change and take

The reins of fate

Away from those

Who want to control

Their destiny

They charged into

The unknown no

Longer afraid now

Remembering who they

Are and embracing

The path designed

Only for them

They keep walking

Closing in on

Their destiny

Now understanding who

They are to be


The April Fool

Is no more


II. Typical Sunday

Rising late eating

Breakfast, taking out

The trash, listening

To the annoying

Sounds of the



Cleaning the bathroom

Putting away the

Dry clothes while

Snacking on chips

Or mixed nuts


Eating a late

Lunch, taking a

Nap, waking up

Just in time

To watch Columbo

On MeTV.


Laying down at

Midnight as the

New day starts

To emerge in

Your dreams.


III. To the Basic Ass Couple

Every time it’s

The same problem

Loud conversation, aggressive

Make out sessions,

And the printing

Out of schoolwork.

After three months,

The inappropriate routine

Became stale and

My closed mouth

Had had enough,

So I spoke.


In a nice tone

Above a whisper

So only they

Could hear as

I didn’t want

To embarrass them

My warning only

Drove them to

Anger and they

Came at me

Defiant and intimidating,

Telling me their

Gross actions would



Next time I’ll

Be ready for

Them, with security

On the phone

And a smile

On my face

Don’t come for

Me unless I

Send for you


4 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 2017 Days 1-3

  1. Good start! I have done three too and hope I can get all 30 done but… it is a daunting task!! but a fun challenge. My writers’ group ladies and I are participating. I look forward to reading more of your poems!! Michelle


    1. Thank you! I can relate, it took me a bit to get those poems out. The third poem came to me quite easily since it was inspired by an incident I had endured earlier in the day. I hadn’t written a poem since last April (I’ve been working on a novella and a novel)! Just take your time and let the poems come to you and do your best. The NaPoWriMo site has daily prompts too.

      Liked by 1 person

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