Please Review My Poetry and Horror Short Story Collections

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Hope all is going well with you and your kin. If not,  I hope things get better and send you Galactus sized hugs.

If you’re not too busy on this hump day, I’ve got a small favor to ask. As you know I’ve published six poetry books and a horror short story/flash fiction collection, which is awesome. But overall, I’ve only got a total of two reviews, which isn’t all that great.

review-collage1 So I’m asking my followers if  you could check out my books and post a review on Amazon,  Barnes and Noble and Goodreads.

Three of my poetry books-the NaPoWriMo series-are available for free on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble, while the other three-the Unconscious of an Ethiopian Princess Trilogy- are only $.99 cents in ebook form.

I’ve made my horror short story/flash fiction collection free to download exclusively at There are only 31 ebook copies available and you have until March 10th. 

I appreciate it and hope you enjoy your ebooks. Thanks again!



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