Free VDAY Downloads: Orniainthi, A Mermaid Fantasy Novella & To Love & Know Thyself, A Romance Poetry Collection

Happy Valentines and Single Awareness Day everybody! Hope your day’s going well and if it isn’t I hope it gets better for you. Perhaps my free downloads will cheer you up.

First download:
Originally titled Attack On Love, “To love and know thyself is to grow and change…” is the premise of volume two To Love and Know Thyself in T.C. Harrison’s The Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess series. In this book, T.C. shares poems inspired from their experiences dealing with love and relationships.

Today’s the last day to download your free ebook copy of my romance poetry book The Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess: To Love and Know Thyself (Vol.2). The book’s available for download only at so get your copy! You’ve got until midnight tonight.

Second download:

A massive panic attack during a group dive keeps Dr. Viola E. Foy at her desk for eight years. An urgent request from a college friend marks her return to sea exploration. But deception, betrayal, a transformation, and the end of the world await her. Can Dr. Foy harness her new abilities, avoid capture and save the world in time?

You can also get your free ebook copy of my mermaid fantasy novella Orniainthi today only at The print copy’s release date is set for next month.

I hope these two books brighten your day! And please feel free to spread the word about my books and leave a review.

Until next time!

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