Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a good week, and if you didn’t I hope your weekend will be better.

So after years of waiting and with great anticipation or negativity (depending on how you felt) during these last recent months, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrived in theaters this week. Last night after attending a cool Batman v Superman debate event at my job, I went to see the film and here are my thoughts.

The Characters:



Let’s start with Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the Dark Knight. When it was first announced that he was cast as Batman, my initial reaction was that I thought he could pull off Bruce Wayne-which he does very well in the film-but I wasn’t sure that he could be Batman…guess what? He’s Batman!

Affleck gives us an excellent Batman who is older, battle weary, and just ain’t taking anybody’s shit. He does brutally injure some of the bad guys and even a few are killed-which might get some folks upset but my reasoning behind this is him not killing the Joker who in turn did something horrible to Robin might be the reason for the killing. There’s a fight scene-part of which was featured in the final trailer for the film-that is awesome and influence by the Rocksteady Arkham video games.

I also liked the opening of the film, how it focuses on Bruce and his motivations for fighting Superman. We witness the battle between Zod and Ka-El from Bruce’s point of view. He loses people he cares about during the fight and we see him rush into danger to go and help.

After viewing this film, I can now say with confidence that Ben Affleck is Batman.

Wonder Woman:

wonder woman

The casting of Gal Gadot as the Amazing Amazon was also wrought with controversy. Many weren’t sure of her acting abilities and there was also the unfortunate issue of body image, i.e. Gadot being too skinny to be Wonder Woman…guess what? Gadot shines in the film, she is Wonder Woman!

Gadot wasn’t in much of the film, but she does a great job in her scenes. Wonder Woman fighting was great to see-her braclets, sword and shield, and her lasso of truth are all there and they’re all used brilliantly. And Wonder Woman’s theme music, OMG her theme music makes you want to grab a sword and shield and fight right alongside her!

Having Wonder Woman in this film makes me even more excited for her solo movie that’s arriving in theaters next year. I can’t wait!



I enjoyed Man of Steel and I felt that Henry Cavill did a good job as the new Superman, and he continues to do so in this film. It was great to see the progression of Clark’s character. Watching him grow into the hero we all know Superman to be is very interesting. Seeing Superman struggle with whether he should help or not, how to use his powers, whether to show restraint, etc. was great.

Lex Luthor:

Jesse Eisenberg went all out in his take as Superman’s nemesis.lexHis performance was intense and some folks might not like it, and find it annoying and off putting. I liked his performance, but I thought there were moments in the film where he shined and moments where it wasn’t quite there. My favorite Luthor scenes were when he was menacing whether he was dealing with Senator June Finch, Lois Lane, and especially Superman. He also brilliantly pulls the strings when it comes to Batman and Superman’s long awaited fight.

Supporting characters:


For the most part they were great. Holly Hunter gave an excellent performance as Senator June Finch, I liked that Lois Lane was given more do here in this film, she was investigating the events that occurred in Africa. Jeremy Irons is a great Alfred, and Laurence Fishburne killed it as Perry White. He was funny and just on point. My only complaint about the supporting characters was Mercy Graves, Luthor’s assistant (played by  Tao Okamoto). She wasn’t given much to do.


The set pieces:

The Fight:

Batman v Superman, dark versus light, the Son of Krypton versus the Bat of Gotham. The long awaited fight between these two heroes is finally here. The question is was it any good?


I thought so.

From the slow burn epic buildup to the fight-with Luthor manipulating things behind the scenes, to Bruce physically preparing for the fight and Superman dealing with his dilemmas, to the fight itself and aftermath, it was a good one.



The Dawn of Justice part of the film’s title is of course referencing the Justice League which will start filming next month. In this film we not only see the trinity, we get cameos of the rest of the team. Now these cameos were brief but I thought they provided us with enough info about the other members of the league, viewers mileage may vary of course.

Out of the cameos, there was one that was really cool and that one occurs during Batman’s dream sequence. I won’t spoil who that one is, but it also was an interesting scene for what’s to come.



Alright the creature was revealed in the trailers and folks weren’t happy about the way he looked nor that he was revealed. I will say that his look evolves during the fight but I still thought his look could have been more polished and realistic.

Easter Eggs:

This film was made as a sequel to Man of Steel and a set up for what’s to come in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe), so there were a lot of Easter eggs in the film. Though subtle, many were obvious references to Darksied, while there were many that viewers missed-I know I did.


With so much to fit into the film, there were a few issues of editing and pacing. Is this movie horrible?


Overall I enjoyed the film and want and will go see it again. I give this film a grade of B, an 3.5/5, or a 8.5/10. I thought it was better than Age of Ultron, and I think fans ought to give it a chance. Now there will be people who will never like this film for various reasons-some may be good reasons, while others will be ridiculous ones-and that’s okay, not everyone’s gonna like a film. No matter what your opinion is of the film, just be civil with each other.

Anyway that’s my review and I hope you all have a good weekend.



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