My Work In Comics

Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week and I hope that you’ll have a good weekend. Aside from poetry, I also like to write comic book scripts. It can be a very daunting process and I’m learning as What follows is a short list of comic book stories that I’ve written that have been published:


Womanthology: Heroic

My first comic book story (ever) was published in this anthology. It’s titled “Defect: Light to Combat the Darkness.” The story was illustrated by Kelly Turnbull and colored by Dawn Best.  A page of the script was featured in the Womanthology: Heroic Sketchbook.’


Womanthology: Holiday PDF


My second story was a one page Hanukkah story titled “Don’t Let the Light Go Out.” It was illustrated by Brenda Kirk.


Womanthology: Valentines Day Special

A one page story written in honor of my late grandma, it’s titled “June” and was also illustrated by Brenda Kirk.


Grayhaven Comics The Gathering Crime Anthology

I wrote a four page story titled “Tzedek: The Lost Ones.” It was illustrated by Leigh Walls.


Grayhaven Comics The Gathering All Women 2 Anthology

Wrote a four page story titled “Willehmina King of Thieves: Never A Dull Moment.”  It was illustrated by Taty Silva and lettered by Erica J. Helfin.


Grayhaven Comics The Gathering Time Travel Anthology

My most recent story titled “The Musical Mechanism” was published in this anthology.

I hope to continue writing and publishing stories for readers to enjoy.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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