Top 5: Things Patrons Lose at My Library


My library is always bustling with students, faculty, staff, and people from the community who use the library’s computers, study rooms, desks, and chairs. They read books, newspapers, magazines, do homework and chat with their friends.  On campus, the library is one of the main places that people come to relax, study, and hang out.

With that said, when it’s time for the library to close, folks start packing up to leave and it’s time for library staff do one last walk about before locking the doors and going home..  Upon doing the walkabout,staff push in chairs and straighten up the place and usually find things that need to be put in the trash or given to security for lost and found. Here are the most common things that we find:

  1. Headphones

headphonesA lot of times, students bring their own headphones instead of checking out the library’s and sometimes they’ll forget to take theirs back home with them. We don’t get a lot headphones left behind but they are commonplace to be on the list.



  1. Books

booksThese objects shouldn’t be a surprise on the list, it is a library after all and books are the top thing to get used. Depending on the night, I can pick up one book or more than ten around the library. It’s nice to know that our patrons are using our materials.

  1. Trash

trashSometimes folks at the the library get a little too comfortable and leave the remains of whatever they’re drinking or eating behind. They forget that there are several trash cans upon the premises where they can dump their scraps and papers.




  1. Jump drives

jump driveWhen students are sitting at the computer focused on their work, oftentimes they’ll leave their jump drive behind. Thankfully, other students are kind and come up to the desk to turn in the abandoned object. It’s because of this that the student is reunited with their lost jump drive.


1. Water bottles

waterbottlesI don’t know the exact number of bottles that have been left behind sitting on a desk or chair, but I do know is that there have been many. Some are half full while others haven’t even been opened, and I feel so bad for throwing them out knowing that the water has gone to waste. As far as I know there isn’t a recyclable bin nearby so the bottle also goes to waste. I don’t know what it is about water bottles that they’re the top thing that’s left behind.
And that ends this list. Until next time!

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