Banned Book Week 2014 Starts Today


Happy Sunday everyone! Today marks the first day of Banned Book Week.  The week celebrates the freedom to read and was started in 1982 by the late Judith Krug, a prominent First Amendment and library activist. The campaign is also sponsored by the following:

Banned Book Week has two campaigns: An international one and one here in the U.S. which has been held during the last week of September since its inception.

The American campaign “stresses the importance of ensuring the availability of those unorthodox or unpopular viewpoints to all who wish to read them” as well as the requirement to have public access to materials so people can draw their own conclusions and form their viewpoints. The international campaign focuses on individuals who have been ‘persecuted because of the writings that they produce, circulate or read.”

This year, there’s also marks the spotlight on comic books and graphic novels which have been banned.  For more information about this you can head over to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s site.  They have a Banned Books Handbook you can download for free or purchase print in addition to discussion guides for the banned books.

For more information about Banned Books Week head over to the above mention sites as well as Banned Books Week’s site.





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