Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 Review

loki agent of asgard

Al Ewing
Lee Garbett
Nolan Woodard
Clayton Cowles
Jenny Frison
Marvel Comics

The god of mischief has gotten a bit older and taller since his reincarnated self reappeared from the underworld and now he stars in his own book and he’s on a mission James Bond style!

Something isn’t right with Loki’s brother the god of thunder Thor and the All-Mothers assign Loki the task to figure out what’s wrong and make things right. Along the way he’ll have to sneak into Avengers headquarters and deal with Thor’s teammates, but it’s nothing that our ‘hero’ can’t handle. Will Loki be able to save Thor in time? Does Loki have any nefarious plans? And what exactly are the All-Mothers up to anyway?

Ever since watching Loki in action in Marvel’s animated film Hulk vs. Thor, I’ve become a fan of his and Tom Hiddleston in the live role as well as the Journey Into Mystery book have made me more of a fan. And this first issue continues the trend.

It’s great to get into Loki’s head and see how he thinks. He’s still his mischievous self but I believe that he wants to be a better man than what he once was. His relationship with his brother is also a high point of the story and it’s a humorous and brotherly love that is expressed between the two of them. Thor talking to Loki about his past bullying ways when they were younger and expressing regret and doubt about it was very interesting.

The story is intriguing and the art is amazing. There’s even a throwback page to the classic days of the past when Loki fought the Avengers. Loki Agent of Asgard is off to a great start!


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