What I Enjoy Writing About

I love writing it’s something that really enjoy. I also have many things that I’m interested in, things which fascinate me and peak my curiosity.

I’ve come to the conclusion that instead of just talking about writing here, I think I’ll talk about all the things that I’m interested in. This includes the following (in no particular order):







And anything else that fits my fancy (is that how that phrase goes)?

I’ll try not to post personal stuff on here, I think if I do post anything personal it’ll be through my poetry but I digress.

So look to see more things on here. But don’t worry I’ll talk about writing still, it’s just that I don’t feel as though I’m an authority on it, like I don’t know enough to give others advice but I’ll do my best okay?

Alright enjoy your evening, I’m going to be watching The Walking Dead in a bit…hmm maybe I could talk about that…

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