Listen While You Write!

Hello folks, I hope you had a good weekend! Mine was a busy but fun one. I went rock climbing for the first time and that was truly an adventure. We’ve got only three weeks till NaNoWriMo gets underway and I have a writing tip for you.


Listen to music while you write. 

“What? Isn’t that distracting?”

Not really. 

If you don’t already know, I love music (and you can read more about that here) and for the most part when I write, I listen to music and that helps set the mood and get me even more comfortable and I write to my heart’s content. I listen to all genres when I write but the majority of music on my knockoff iPod is rock. So whether I’m headbanging to Straight Line Stitch, or foot moshing to Bad Brains, I’m rocking out as I write. 

For some of my stories, I create a soundtrack which helps establish the mood for different the scenes.  

“What, a soundtrack?”

Oh, yes a soundtrack. When you watch a film, music helps sets the mood for each scene. The film is visually telling a story which technically started with an idea which was written down.  You can do the same with your story. When I write, I can visualize the story in my head and a lot of times the music pops into my head as well.  There are times when I hit a wall in my writing and listening to music helps inspire me and get me out my rut.  In addition, it’s always interesting to hear the diverse mix of music. 

If you’ve never tried listening to music and or creating a soundtrack for your story, you just might want to give it a try.  

If and when you do, what kind of music is blasting from your speakers?  Is there a specific artist that helps get you in the mindset to write? 



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